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Infinite Data Automation Suite

Fast and secure communication with partners. All documents: orders, confirmations, reports and others in one place.

Automatic data exchange between business partners increases work efficiency and speeds up of realisation tasks.

  • WEB version
  • ERP integration
  • Different document formats
  • Automation of B2B communications

e-Archive - e-document storage

Invoices and other documents in one place. Thanks to digital archiving documents, it is possible to identify the issuer, block any modifications, and ensure document readability.

Regardless of the type of business, e-Archiving will facilitate running your business.

  • All documents in one place
  • Integration with the financial and accounting system
  • A safe and proven solution
  • Significant savings for the company

SFA – Mobile Sales Support System

Infinite SFA is a modern solution supporting processes and tasks carried out by field employees.

Numerous functionalities enable employees to better plan their working time and improve its efficiency.

  • Integration with other systems
  • Examination of competitors' activities
  • Monitoring the implementation of business goals
  • Better customer relations

Workflow – managing e-document flow

A platform for managing the internal circulation of e-documents in an enterprise. Information as well as documents are transferred between users in a timely manner and according to strictly defined business principles.

  • Faster information flow
  • Easier company management
  • Greater work efficiency
  • Less lost documents

e-Sign - signing documents electronically

The system enables the entrepreneur to electronically sign, with his contractors, any documents, including contracts. The signature is made in accordance with the law via a mobile device with a biometric layer.

  • The document and signature is secured by a digital certificate
  • The signed document cannot be changed
  • The signature cannot be copied, each document must be signed by hand
  • Quick implementation

Marketplace – B2B trading platform

Marketplace is used to service commercial relations between partners. It allows the exchange of documents and commercial information (e.g. offers, promotions, orders, invoices, reports, settlements, complaints, etc.)

  • 20 years of product development
  • 61 300 orders placed monthly
  • Faster order processing
  • Intuitive operation

e-Invoice – AP & AR automation

Infinite e-Invoice Suite seamlessly handles the process of receiving digital invoices from sellers (Accounts Payable – AP) and sending digital invoices to buyers (Accounts Receivable – AR).

A wide spectrum of e-invoicing technologies (OCR, PKI, EDI) legally compliant with the commercial regulations in the UAE enable us to address the needs of organisations of different sizes and industry verticals. In the UAE, we provide e-invoicing services together with electronic archiving of digital documents.

  • Sharp cost cuts
  • Quicker order processing
  • 100% data accuracy
  • Enhanced AP processes

e-Catalogue of commodity data

By using the e-Catalogue you can be sure that your contractors have access to always up-to-date product descriptions and photos.

You can update data in one place and decide who can access it.

  • Compliance with global data synchronization standards
  • Convenient exchange of information with contractors
  • Always current data
  • Quick changes
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IT Software for business support management

IT systems for companies allow the provision of competitive services, faster document circulation, ensure document security and accelerate the development of companies from the commercial industry or producers. Infinite IT Solutions provides comprehensive IT services and the most innovative solutions that will make your business even more competitive and bring more profits.




IT software for the company uses the latest technologies, which allows minimizing costs, automating work, increasing employee and process efficiency, and increasing the quality of service services.


It also allows greater automation of work, both in the company itself and in close relationship with external enterprises with which the organization constantly cooperates. 


 We introduce solutions to enterprises that can not only expand the number of customers, facilitate communication with suppliers, but also support online commerce, analyze employees' working time and accelerate communication between them.


Our company prepares clients IT systems developed according to their individual needs. Infinite IT Solutions' undeniable advantages are great technological potential, huge knowledge of employees, experience, huge involvement in every project and an open approach to clients. The programs for companies provided by our company are constantly supervised by us, we provide support in the event of system failures, we regularly modernize them, step by step following the changes that occur on the IT systems market every day.

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