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Aster Bet on Digital Transformation

With the Covid-19 pandemic aggravating the healthcare industry’s demands and workflows, the urgency to keep up with drastic changes has become imminent. To overcome such, Aster DM Healthcare – one of leading healthcare authorities across the Middle East, India, and Far East, has stepped up and made its advances with automation and digital transformation in partnership with Infinite IT Solutions GCC.

The initiative entails automation in Master Data Management through implementing the Infinite e-Catalogue Suite. The platform is a seamless integrated solution helping to fully manage Aster’s entire portfolio of products, services and beyond. The solution would help its supply chain and procurement team have a 360-degree view of the offer, of what leads to better purchasing patterns and supply visibility. The project brings Digital Transformation in the area of supply chain and procurement at Aster DM Healthcare and comes under the Infinite Paperless offer, which also meets the Aster paperless strategy.

In further detail, the suite enables seamless and real-time management of approximately thousands items for Aster and its business partners. With such a large database and an overwhelming directory of stores and suppliers, manually updating product information from end to end requires a series of email correspondence, validation and approval from different section heads, and stacks of papers for documentation. But with the Infinite e-Catalogue Suite, Aster and its business partners are now able to view and update product information, dedicated pricing, images, warranty terms, or new releases in real-time – all in one platform. Moreover, integration with Aster’s ERP has been set for optimal master data synchronization. This guarantees data integrity across all users, shortened time-to-market and procure-to-pay cycles, streamlined collaboration between involved parties, and decreased operational costs.

With this leap, managing more than 317 medical establishments, including 18 hospitals, 98 clinics and 200+ pharmacies in 9 countries, is no longer a hurdle. Thus, augmenting Aster DM Healthcare in shaping the future of regional healthcare.

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