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Mandatory e-Invoicing in the KSA is one step closer: What will change in 2021?

Businesses in Saudi Arabia are preparing for a huge digital transformation in tax clearance. According to ZATCA’s new regulations, suppliers will be obligated to implement e-Invoicing. The process is split in 2...

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Make your business paperless and easy – what you should know about business data automation?

In the era of digital transformation across the GCC, switching into the paperless solutions is a must-have for efficient operations and global market success of your company. Data Automation solution can b...

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Do you follow the paper trail? Not for long

If you have not seriously considered automated document generation, it means that you are still wasting your team and time for manual tasks. When you automate document generation, your company takes the first s...

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What can a company using electronic invoices gain?

More and more often you can meet with the proposal to replace the traditional invoice with its electronic counterpart, i.e. e-Invoice. Why do companies encourage you to switch to an electronic invoice? Do they ...

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5 reasons to implement e-signing solution in your company

Today’s companies have many options for signing documents. Signing contracts is something that no company or entrepreneur can avoid, the more it is worth thinking about improving this proces. Do this by c...

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Five reasons why your company should go Paperless

Every company regardless of its business can become Paperless, because thanks to IT we can turn documents into their electronic counterparts. Running a production company we are dealing with shift work and...

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Five important questions for your system integration partner

Today, automating the exchange of documents with various business partners isn’t just an alternative it is business necessity, therefore it should be preceded by the proper analysis to minimize internal, extern...