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Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains in the world. The brand was launched in the region in 1995 by Majid Al Futtaim which holds the exclusive rights to operate Carrefour in 38 countries Carrefour UAE has launched an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform, provided by Infinite IT Solutions to enhance cooperation with its suppliers. By implementing Infinite EDI system, selected trade documents can be sent and received electronically, replacing communications through e-mail and fax.

Finding the right EDI fit

With its proven track record in the retail sector, Infinite IT Solutions is a good fit for providing Carrefour UAE with suitable EDI solutions. The company offers a wide range of features and vast integration capabilities, that are critical to further grow Carrefour’s business.

How Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) works

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is targeting organizations like Carrefour UAE that perform numerous transactions with their trading partners on a daily basis. In the past, trade documents were exchanged via fax and email; however, because this was a time consuming and error-prone method, the need for an efficient system has emerged. The EDI system is enabled through the internet, and with its validation mechanism, trade documents can automatically be verified, without any delays and instead of having employees doing it manually.

Exploring the benefits of EDI

In an increasingly competitive environment, efficient collaboration with suppliers is a key priority for UAE retailers running large-scale operations, such as Carrefour. EDI solutions will accelerate the transaction process, as trade documents (including purchase orders, ASN, sales reports and others) are exchanged instantly. By further eliminating paper documents, printing and other costs, errors will be significantly reduced and time will be managed more efficiently.

For more information about Electronic Data Interchange visit: infinite-b2b.ae/solutions/edi.html  



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