Running a business without the unlimited number of paper documents often seems almost impossible. Tens of reams of paper and printer ink tanks most often open a shopping list of larger and medium-sized enterprises. Meanwhile, a paperless office is no longer just a figment of futurists, but it is slowly becoming a reality. Meet the Paperless process, which implements more and more entrepreneurs.

What is Paperless?

If you want to specify in a few words what is Paperless, you could say that it is a process of removing paper from the company. It is mainly about documents and correspondence circulating both inside and outside the company. Very often invoices, letters, instructions, or procedures, being in printed form, reach the recipients much more slowly. In addition, the physical process of delivering and storing these documents in a large company can create additional difficulties. Paperless processes are designed to facilitate the functioning of the company in areas where paper can be a limitation.

Paperless in my company - is it already?

Digitization of documents is a process that seems unavoidable due to technological advances. Perhaps you have already wondered if your company needs a Paperless revolution, or maybe it is better to postpone it in time. Undoubtedly, the introduction of changes will be associated with minor inconveniences and initial mess, but usually the order in the company comes back. Only how do you know that it is time for changes? There are several situations that may indicate that a revolution in your company is essential. First of all, the longtime of business processes resulting from the lack of automation in certain situations. Creating paper documents is harder to base on a template than it is in the case of printed and electronic procedures. You should also pay attention to whether clients of your company complain about the inconvenience related to the flow of invoices or other documents. You must remember that even minor problems with contractors may lead them to turn their backs towards the competition. You should also objectively look at the organization of your company. If you have non-standard collections of documents or find the right one, it takes too much time for employees, you should decide to change. The same will be the case, when documents inside the company are not properly stored and may available to unauthorized persons.

The benefits of a paperless office.

If the solution to the above problems is not enough for you, you should know that the digitized circulation of documents has a positive impact on other elements of the business. First and foremost, the cost of invoices and documents is reduced. You not only save on postal services, but also on the entire process. In addition, data flow is faster and safer. You limit the costs and space necessary to store documents, invoices and cash rolls. This will especially be felt by companies dealing in small retail sales. However, the most important benefit is that you will escape the competition and do what is unavoidable in front of it. If your company implements public procurement, you have certainly come across the concept of the Electronic Invoicing Platform. This is a place that allows electronic flow of invoices for the implementation of public orders, confirmations and all other documents related to cooperation at this level. It is a lot easier in dealing with public administration. In addition, it provides the ability to securely send documents using uniform e-documents.

The course of the Paperless process.

Switching to electronic cash registers and invoices is not an office without paper. Carrying out the process involves not only getting rid of this information carrier, but modernizing the processes that operate throughout the company. At the beginning it is worth analyzing and assessing what is really “wrong” with the company. Ideally, an external company will perform an audit, which will also take you through these changes. Knowing the problems yourself will not do the trick. The most important are good tools in the form of ready-made IT solutions that will improve the company's operation and will not become a source of further problems. That is why it is worth betting on professionals who will be able to properly tailor specific, individual systems to their needs. Most often, the introduction of changes requires the use of test projects. They are implemented in one department or branch of the company, and then evaluate the results. It happens that only the next system will be suitable for the whole enterprise. Knowing the benefits of electronic data exchange, the cost of this project will turn out to be low. You will quickly feel, that the money invested begins to pay back. Sometimes there may be fears, that you will not be able to handle new systems, or you will not have time and will to master them. Then do not give up changes and have service for outside companies dealing with such work every day. You will get rid of the problem and your documents will be in the hands of professionals.




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