With great pleasure, Infinite IT Solutions would like to announce its new partnership with PPG Industries (UAE) LLC. PPG is a global manufacturer of paints, coatings, and specialty materials. Our new client has begun the transformation towards paperless transactions by implementing the Infinite e-Signature Suite. 

Thanks to the automation of delivery notes by PPG Industries (UAE) LLC, they will eliminate manual operation, save time and reduce costs. PPG requires a signed delivery note on delivery of goods to a customer. These delivery notes are created on their internal system, emailed to the warehouse by PPG customer service team, printed out and handed over to the PPG Delivery Team.

These delivery notes once received from the customer, had to be re-collected at the warehouse and couriered back to the head office for PPG to generate a final invoice and then sent to the customer. Infinite has implemented a solution wherein; the customer service team sends the delivery note on an email which is received on a tablet by the delivery team and opened in an application.

The application allows the customer to sign on the tablet (e-signature) using a stylus while storing the time stamp, a photograph of an ID card of the receiver and the GPS coordinates and further saving the document. The delivery team on receiving the signed document attaches it and sends it back to the customer service team as an email from the tablet. This process has allowed customer service to invoice the customer right away.

The lead time for the process of hard copy to be couriered to the head office was reduced from 2 days to instantly with this automation.






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