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Paperless, safe, legally-compliant online document signing at exchange houses

The current boom among exchange houses for electronic signatures is closely related to the new normal we all learn these days. And it is understandable. For exchange houses, security and time savings are key in this difficult time. Thanks to the e-signature, they don’t waste time on printing, sending and archiving documents.

In the post-covid world, it is also appreciated that e-signature is a touchless document signing method that is safe to clients and employees alike.

Today we live and work in a completely new reality. Exchange houses are looking for solutions that will help in a crisis and the effective functioning of the business. Standard activities have recently become significantly impeded or impossible. One of the options that helps you run your business is online document signing.

Many exchange houses which have hesitated to opt for modern technology for signature are now beginning to understand that without it, it will be difficult to stay in business. During the coronavirus epidemic, scanning documents and sending them via e-mail, pasting a .jpg signature into them and other attempts to bypass handwritten or electronic signatures simply no longer make sense.

Electronic signature most convenient for exchange houses

The financial sector was most eager and quickest to turn to the e-signature. There are more and more questions about e-signing from exchange houses. The most common of them concern security issues. Many exchange houses still feel that there is nothing more certain and lasting than a signature on a piece of paper. Is it really so? After all, such a signature is very easy to forge and copy. You can remove it from the original document or just get lost somewhere. In the case of an e-signature on a tablet, such situations are out of the question. The signature made on a mobile device with a biometric layer contains more data than the traditional one. It records properties such as time, coordinates and pen pressure. These are individual values ​​for each person, which cannot be forged or reused in another document.

Digital signiture software offers the highest safety standards

After document signing, the system encrypts the data, safely stored offline. To increase the authenticity, the metadata is also saved in the PDF format. SSL encryption is also involved, ensuring a secure data exchange. As if that were not enough, the electronic signature software on tablet is based on Signatus, which is fully compatible with Samsung KNOX. All these elements combined together provide security at the military level.

Still hesitant? See some arguments that will convince you that signing documents online in exchange houses isn’t only safe but also legally-compliant.

An electronically signed document is legal and binding

The most important point is the guarantee to the signer that the digital signing of the document is legal and binding. Our digital signature software is compliant with the Federal Law No.1 of 2006 regarding Electronic Transactions and E-Commerce (“Federal E-commerce Law”). This said, signing a document thanks to Infinite e-Sign Suite meets the requirements of maintaining a documentary form and using an electronic signature, also an electronic form. The electronic form is in turn equivalent to the written form.

It is worth adding that a simple digital signature saves paper, and with hundreds of thousands or millions of such solutions, it means entire forests. Equally important is the fact that the electronic signature software complies with the strictest regulations. To sum up, e-signing is not only a great convenience for both the company and its clients, but also an innovation which is completely safe and meets legal requirements.

Documents signed via the Infinite e-Sign Suite are safe

The security of documents signed via Infinite e-Sign Suite is implemented on several levels. The first is document integrity, i.e. a guarantee that no data in the document will be changed after it is signed. There is no fear of trying to forge the signature or changing it, because the signed document is saved as a PDF file immediately after closing. Moreover, such a solution makes it much more difficult to counterfeit the signature thanks to numerous security features. It is possible to evaluate not only the shape of the signature, but also the layout of biometric lines, the angle of inclination of the signature or the pressure. An additional security feature is GPS, which will allow you to locate the device’s location when signing the document. Another important security aspect is the storage of signed documents. Only parties that signed the document have access to them. With the Infinite e-Archive Suite, the risk of losing signed documents is kept to a minimum. It is also possible to download signed contracts in the form of a pdf file to the computer’s disk, or send to the e-mail address provided in the signed document.

With popular trend for exchange houses to go hyperlocal with mobile money exchange facility, the e-signature solution brings unparallel security with added GPS location features.

Online document signing is faster

Signing documents in an electronic version is much faster than in a paper version. The document doesn’t have to be printed and the content of the records on individual copies doesn’t have to be compared. In case of electronic documents, signers sign the exact same version of the document. Documents signed via a tablet with the Infinite e-Sign Suite software installed are available to any party within seconds of signing them.

It’s eco-friendly to sign documents with digital signature

The implementation of a modern, “green” solution such as Infinite e-Sign Suite is a good image-building activity. Companies which rely on ECO solutions are perceived much better by more and more aware customers. Economical in this case also sounds ecological. Everyone benefits from these trends: companies, customers and the environment. It is therefore a classic win-win or even win-win-win situation.

In the current situation, both owners and employees of exchange houses in the United Arab Emirates have found out how simple and convenient online paper management can be. Thus, they got rid of the fear of new technology and opened up to digitization. It turned out that scanning, copying, printing tons of paper and signing with a pen isn’t necessary. Certainly, after the epidemic, electronic signature and online document circulation will not only be innovative Paperless solutions, but a necessary service and e-signature will become a standard in companies. ECO standard.