IT solutions for CPG industry in the UAE


IT solutions for cpg industry UAE

In the GCC panorama, the UAE comprises the 2nd major producer and consumer of food products. The UAE stands for 14,8% of the food production and 18,5% of the food consumption in the Persian Gulf, what can be linked to the following trends:

  • Constant influx of people
  • Strong per capita consumption
  • Upcoming Expo 2020
  • Real estate market development

The majority of food products is being imported to the UAE from India, Brazil and the USA. In the whole GCC region, import stands for 75% of the food demand. However, with the prevailing import of goods, the UAE tends to re-export nearly a half of food products to other GCC countries, Eastern Africa, Russia, Pakistan, etc. The re-export potential of the UAE stems from the country’s ability to roll out good-quality goods at a competitive price, strong logistics networks coupled with a strategic location.


The grocery retail landscape is ruled by hypermarkets and supermarkets which altogether drive sales of 81% of the packaged goods. Such a state of affairs is conditioned by a wide range of goods, bigger space and better location of these retail formats. Overall, the United Arab Emirates covers a number of other traditional and modern formats, yet their share is by far smaller than hyper- and supermarkets.


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The supply chain in the UAE is primarily shaped by the dynamic population growth and socio-economic drivers characteristic of this region. These properties contribute to the fact that numerous stakeholders participate in the supply chain, including:

  • Local / Foreign producers
  • Importers / Distributors
  • Supermarkets / Hypermarkets


    With the multi-layered structure of the UAE’s supply chain there is the outlook for the business process optimisation powered by industry-specific IT solutions. By deploying advanced business software, the key participants of the supply chain can streamline their resource planning, exchange transaction documents electronically, drive sales, quickly gather business-critical market data and improve e-commerce sales in the B2B channel.


    The FMCG sector has been our specialization from the very beginning. With hundreds of EDI and SFA system deployments carried out internationally for this particular industry, we have acquired a unique combination of know-how which allows us to address the exact needs of FMCG players.


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