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Infinite eSign for a chain of fitness clubs Xtreme Fitness Gyms

General information

Extreme Fitness Gyms
Industry: fitness & wellness
Country: Poland

Xtreme Fitness Gyms is a dynamically developing chain of gyms and fitness clubs established in 2012. The Extreme Fitness Gyms Business Case is the perfect example that the sports industry is an excellent area to carry out digital transformation, which results not only in optimising the flow of documentation, but also in increased customer satisfaction.


Xtreme Fitness Gyms is a chain of fitness clubs, which currently has 54 locations, where it provides fitness services to a multitude of customers. Persons wishing to use the services are obliged to sign, depending on the circumstances, various types of documents such as contracts, regulations, etc. Until the solution was implemented, the signing process was carried out in a traditional way, i.e. with the use of paper documents.


High employee turnover and long document processing time resulted in the need to invest in an intuitive electronic signing system that does not require employees to carry out complicated additional activities. The problem was caused by dispersed data. Customer service employees wasted a lot of time searching for the necessary information and manually filling in the data. This in turn translated into long transaction times and reduced customer satisfaction. Data dispersion also prevented proper reporting and analysis.

The company set out to find a solution that would improve customer service operations, reduce queues, and allow employees to spend less time manually entering data and thinking about the next steps, while having all customer contact details neatly collected in one place.



locations where the
solution was launched

1 min

the process of signing the document by the customer takes less than 1 minute


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Solution selection

The choice of Infinite eSign proved to be excellent. Fast, intuitive and convenient – this was the first impression of the employees after a few days of testing. A key factor when deciding to start cooperation was the fact that the platform works in such a way that everything is handled by customer service in one place; all signed documents are aggregated in one place, which enables increased efficiency and shortens the process of customer service and the selling of membership cards.

Time is the key for us. We cannot afford to waste time, so we were looking for a solution that would not require us to update data manually and would help organise everyday customer service.

Xtreme Fitness Gyms
Infinite eSign in the Xtreme Fitness Gyms chain

Optimisation of customer service and processing of membership contracts has become lightning fast. Documents generated by the gym system are synchronised with the electronic signature and sent to the tablet, where a club member signs them. All documentation has been put in order, so the level of cooperation with the customer is known. All documentation is alsob collected in one place, which greatly facilitates work and access to information. Data is imported directly from the gym’s system to the tablet.


A solution based on a biometric signature has been implemented in the Extreme Fitness Gyms chain. For customers, this means that this is done in the same way as signing in the traditional way, but now they use a stylus instead of a pen, and they read the content of the document on the screen of a tablet, which they sign.

Service staff also do not have to change their habits, as they continue to use the same document generation solution. The difference when compared to the traditional process is that when they click ‘Print’ on the computer, the document is sent to the tablet instead of being printed on a sheet of paper.

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