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What is e-Archive?

e-Archive is a cost effective, compliant solution for long term storage and document management for your business. Important documents are often spread across different platforms, and once a case is closed or a project completed, it can be difficult to keep track of files. e-Archive solves this problem by collecting information from multiple sources into a single system. Thanks Infinite e-archive Management of an archive has never been so easy. Flexible file structures, simple functions, no limits archive solutions and secured data was designed to fit all your requirements.

The main purpose of the e-Archiving system is to reduce the possibility of data corruption, significantly reducing operating costs and the availability of invoices for each authorized user.


Key features

  • Easy access
  • You have safe 24/7 access to all documents. It’s quick and easy to access old case information with search tools and integrations into other systems.You can also set up temporary access (e.g. audit, tax control). Data from multiple sources are storage in one place
  • Online search of the dataset (searching engine)
  • Historical archives are just a click away. Thanks to advanced search tools, you can find current files and archived documents at the same time across folders and hierarchies.
  • Simple integration
  • Infinite earchive imports information and documents from all your systems into a single archive via web service and file-based integrations. Our platform also ensure you Integration with governmental e-invoicing systems
  • Flexible delivery
  • Cloud installation that gives you fast acess to the platform. You can get started quickly and easily

Functionalities of the e-Archive Suite

Failsafe 24/7 access to all documents

Compatibility with all operating systems

Online search of the dataset (searching engine)

Integrated backup and user interface

Scalable solution prepared to grow with your business

Temporary access
(e.g. audit, tax control)

Integration with governmental e-invoicing systems

Digital signature ensuring the invoice origin (issuer)


Safe & Secure

When it comes to data – especially the level of data commonly held in busisness services – security is crucial.

Access control

  • access only for authorized users
  • information about who and when viewed the document
  • each individual document protected by a time stamp

Time stamp verification

  • the document has a time stamp (stamp date)
  • the document is marked by a certification center
  • identification and elimination of unwanted employee activities

Signature verification

  • the signature confirms that the document is correct
  • the document is signed by a certification center
  • increase in the quality of service for own contractors

Each time stamp is subject to verification in accordance with the following parameters: entity name, issuer, certificate version, certificate serial number, marking algorithm, valid for, valid from, public key value

Each signature is subject to verification in accordance with the following parameters: certificate issuer, local alias, saved as “created”, valid until

access control and deletion functionality

Easy and secure handling

of personal data

Bringing all documents together in a single archive makes it easier to stay in control of access and deletion. Use of access control and deletion functionality can help your company to operate in compliance with legislation and company rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What formats does Infinite e-Archive Suite support?

Each format, appropriate mechanisms categorize files and retrieve meta data; XML, CSV, PDF, Edifact.

How many users can use?

There are no limits of users.

Is it available on mobile or on any browser?

Yes, it is a responsive service available on any device via a browser.

What main functions does it offer to users?

File filtering, sorting, searching, remote temporary access for auditors, legal compliance with local law, access to the history of a given file, reconciliation of transaction documents, 24/7 access.

How is Infinite e-Archive Suite secured?

Access only for registered users, login via MFA (multi factor authentification), integration with the service through encrypted communication channels; ISO 27001.

What can I do thanks to Infinite e-Archive Suite?

All audits are carried out remotely without the need to engage the company’s staff, certainty that the data is safe, savings on the costs of infrastructure’s building and maintaining.

Is it a platform for every business?