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e-Archive Suite

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What is e-archive suite?

The main purpose of the e-Archiving system is to reduce the possibility of data corruption, significantly reducing operating costs and the availability of invoices for each authorized user.


Benefits for users

  • e-documents in accordance with legal requirements
  • archiving independent of the operating system
  • online access
  • integrated interface with the financial and accounting system
  • readiness to archive an additional number of documents without incurring additional investment outlays
  • possible access to the archive in case of fiscal control
  • archiving e-documents in accordance with legal requirements

Security - now all documents are safe

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    Access control

    access only for authorized users
    information about who and when viewed the document
    each individual document protected by a time stamp

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    Time stamp verification

    the document has a time stamp (stamp date)
    the document is marked by a certification center
    identification and elimination of unwanted employee activities
    each time stamp is subject to verification in accordance with the following parameters: entity name, issuer, certificate version, certificate serial number, marking algorithm, valid for, valid from, public key value

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    Signature verification

    the signature confirms that the document is correct
    the document is signed by a certification center
    increase in the quality of service for own contractors
    each signature is subject to verification in accordance with the following parameters: certificate issuer, local alias, saved as “created”, valid until