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KSA E-Invoicing Success Stories

Redington Limited is a leading IT technology solutions provider across Technology, Mobility, Telecom, Cloud, Lifestyle and Solar verticals. It has a footprint across 38 markets including 60 subsidiary offices, more than 200 warehouses, 290 brand associations and 39,500+ partner channels.

Redington is Infinite IT’s existing customer prior to KSA e-Invoicing where projects for data automation has been delivered for Carrefour UAE orders + control lists, and Lulu UAE for orders.

When wave 1 (pilot) companies were announced by ZATCA for integration phase 2 roll-out, Redington sought Infinite’s expertise to help them comply with KSA’s mandated requirements. All of which lead to the fruitful collaboration for such project.

Redington was only able to generate ZATCA phase 1 compliant invoices. They were unable to generate the additional technical elements and requirements for phase 2 such as UBL, UUID, cryptographic stamp, and secured hash. They were also unable to send their invoices to ZATCA and retrieve their response (which should contain the new QR code with all additional elements) after validation and clearance.

Process-wise, Redington only has to send existing phase 1 compliant invoices to Infinite, where the solution/middleware will convert such into Phase 2 compliant invoices – thus affixing required technical elements and validating all the mandatory fields through its replica ZATCA validation engine, and then sending over 5,500 B2B tax invoices and over 1,300 B2C simplified invoices to ZATCA for clearance and reporting.

Once the solution receives a response from ZATCA, it is then shared with Redington through a dedicated portal with all the required elements (QR code, signature, status, etc.)

Benefits of the implementation

  • No need to perform new technical developments as our solution converts client’s existing invoices to ZATCA compliant formats.
  • Solution takes care of sending invoices to ZATCA in lien with phase 1 and 2 requirements.
  • Solution has a validation engine which replicates the ZATCA validation engine, ensuring all invoices are validated before reporting and clearance.
  • Solution relays invoice statuses and error notification to Redington real-time.
  • Solution works on top of the current ERP or Accounting system, so no need to invest in other ERP or accounting systems.
  • Solution allows to keep existing invoicing processes.
  • Solution allows full visibility on invoices as they are available in one dedicated portal along with Redington’s other integrated documents with Infinite.



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