We are pleased to announce that Infinite IT Solutions has partnered up with National Food Products Company in the Middle East. NFPC is one of the premier market leading Food and Beverage Manufactures and Distributers in the Middle East.

The implementation of the Infinite EDI Suite system (electronic document interchange) resulted in reduction of costs related to managing paper documents (filling, sending, storing), reduction of errors occurring in the case of  processing sales orders manually, automation of processes, control of sent documents and the possibility of quickly response depending on the situation and reduction of document archiving costs, optimization of logistic processes. Thanks to the automation of business processes NFPC will eliminate manual operations, will save time and reduce costs. 

The use of EDI technology is a response to the challenge of improving business network communication with customers. Replacing paper by e-documents makes it easier to keep track of them. By manually handling large quantities of orders and invoices per month, NFPC has streamlined the process. Invoices, orders and corrections are processed and sent automatically, which makes the process of order processing more efficient and faster. The current pandemic has challenged organizations worldwide to operate smartly and keep the cost of operations lower than before. With EDI implementation, NFPC takes its big step in digital transformation and automate repetitive processes resulting in huge cost savings for the company.

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