We are pleased to announce that Emirates Snack Foods LLC has started its transformation towards paperless transactions by implementing the Infinite EDI Suite platform.

The Infinite EDI Suite platform automates the supply chain at Emirates Snack Foods, enables more inventory management and consequently reduces operating costs, related with distribution. Parties involved in the trading process have to systems linked together, thanks to Infinite EDI Suite, what eliminates manual data entry process into the system, and thus save their valuable time. Emirates Snack Foods (ESF) is a significant player on the market of marketing and distribution of premium food products on both the retail and Food Service markets in the UAE.

The implementation of the electronic document exchange system resulted in reduction of costs related to managing paper documents (filling, sending, storing), reduction of errors occurring in the case of processing sales orders manually, automation of processes, control of sent documents and the possibility of quick response depending on the situation and reduction of document archiving costs, optimization of logistic processes. The use of EDI technology is a response to the challenge of improving business network communication with customers. Electronic data exchange is a fast, flawless and, above all, secure way of sending information between business partners.

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