Infinite e-Invoice

Receive and send legally compliant electronic invoices

Integrated electronic invoicing solutions using 3 different technologies


secure system-to-system e-invoice exchange by means of API/EDI Infinite Connector

secure PDF invoicing by PKI (Public Key Infrastructure security layer)

secure e-invoicing with biometric signature

Sign documents on a tablet

Whether you're on a business trip, at your office or working from home, you can easly read and sign business documents. Including:

terms of use
other business documents

Secure invoicing with 3rd party networks such as Peppol

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) is a network which allows public bodies and suppliers to trade e-invoices easily and cost-effectively.

It supports the Directive 2014/55 on electronic invoicing for public contracts in the European Union.


Advantages of Peppol:



Once connected to Peppol, you are connected to all Peppol providers


e-Invoice standardisation for B2G and B2B


Reduced cost


Easier procurement  process

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