Infinite Data Automation Suite

Handle all commercial documents with one secure channel.

Infinite Data Automation Suite has been evolving for years to keep abreast with the latest technology trends. With so many new and powerful technologies and such renewed interest in B2B integration, the coming years should bring exciting developments. As recent global projects such as PEPPOL have shown, we are slowly moving away from point-to-point connections towards a more collaborative B2B environment with better standardised communication between networks.

Further, APIs, blockchain and AI (including RPA) could potentially dramatically increase the efficiency and transparency of important data exchange performed by Infinite Process Automation Suite. However, none of these new developments or technologies signal significant change to the role of EDI or API in the future of supply chain communication.

Amongst the many of voices every year heralding a new era in B2B integration, it is important to remember that unlike API, blockchain and AI, EDI itself is not so much a technology as a concept. Grand View Research forecasts that the global EDI market will be worth nearly six billion dollars by 2025 with a cumulative annual growth rate of (CAGR) of 9.4%.


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 Infinite EDI Connector

Thanks for our offer we have been helping companies during their digital transformation and became  technological  partner in the backbone of the automated supply chain, yet until recently, remote partners had no practical means to access the enormous amounts of data in these systems. Forward-thinking buyers and suppliers are breaking free of the constraint that has long held them back from the promise of the fully automated supply chain. Instead of relying on in-house solutions that couldn't be extended to business partners, buyers and suppliers are utilizing outsourced EDI solutions to connect with their global trading partners like never before - and seeing the return that will continue the growth and adoption of  B2B integration services while digitalizing the supply chain process.


Infinite B2B integration services (EDI solutions) provide businesses with the ability to exchange documents easily between partners without laborious, time-consuming and error-prone paper handling. A transaction that could take few days using a paper-based system, now takes only minutes with EDI, what supports business to achieve digital transformation.

 Infinite  API Connector

Application Programming Interface, or API, is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing web-based software applications that allow software platforms to communicate with each other. Basically, API serves as an interface between software programs and helps them interact effectively, similarly to how a user interface helps humans interact with computers. This allows software systems to communicate with each other without any intervention from users.


Partner-oriented Application-oriented and user-oriented
Industry standards based Technical standard based
Business application friendly Mobile device friendly
Medium length deployment Fast deployment
Standardized message formats (orders, invoices, shipment notices) Ad hoc message formats. EDI formats can be used in principle, but only applicable for basic implementations.
Driven mainly by standards bodies Driven mainly by the service implementer
System of records System of engagement
Partner on-boarding requires a technical and business workflow Partner on-boarding is typically simpler
Services are well defined and do not evolve regularly Services are defined via APIs, they require a full-fledged lifecycle management
Services are well defined and do not evolve regularly Value is in both partner relationship as well as service monetization


Both EDI and API technologies have their own specific application domains in which they both perform exceptionally well. As such, neither technology is on a collision course with the other (as suggested by some). When it comes to the next ten years, we are likely to see highly flexible and loosely coupled integration scenarios using message-based systems dominate supply chains. APIs will coexist in these scenarios and perform well when it comes to deeply integrated system-to-system integration. Meanwhile EDI will remain the main workhorse of any logistic or financial supply chains.

Infinite P2P (point-to-point) Connector

Infinite P2P connectors and adapters have various interfaces to ERP systems. This integration method involves using a platform that connects to the endpoint systems, similar to those found in popular commercial integration tools. The main difference in this option is the centrality of the system, allowing for all point-to-point connections to be configured in a single location, rather than in each individual application they are connecting. This is an excellent choice when the main business goals are productivity and visibility, as it provides a central monitoring system for each connection.


Infinite PDF Reader

Infinite PDF Reader helps overcome the need for manual data entry. Template-driven intelligent solution for data capture enables extracting, interpretation document data and  validation much faster than any human, while performing 100% data accuracy.


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