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Hisense Middle East Trading LLC implements Infinite Data Automation Suite

We are pleased to announce that we’ve signed a contract with Hisense Middle East Trading LLC for the implementation of the Infinite Data Automation Suite platform, the  ultimate solution for supply chain management. Hisense Middle East Trading is operating in the Electrical Components and Equipment sector.

The solution guarantees the automated processing of all documents throughout the entire supply chain, from the touchless ordering, through deliveries to touchless invoicing and payment. With the digital transformation of its business processes underway, Hisense Middle East Trading  will eliminate manual operations, save time and reduce costs.

Replacing paper by e-documents makes it easier to keep track of them. Infinite’s electronic data interchange system ensures traceability, integrating daily transactions from the supply chain process.

The main purpose of the Infinite Data Automation Suite implementation was eliminate multiple data and eliminate errors related to the manual process of managing documents to make communication more efficient and effective.