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Master data synchronization 

in the buyer-supplier relationship


Infinite e-Catalogue Suite

stands for a single source of product master data in the buyer-supplier relationship. Instead of exchanging information about product updates with every single business partner manually, suppliers can easily update existing master data via the e-Catalogue portal, and this way all buyers are instantly informed about these changes. Infinite e-Catalogue Suite guarantees up-to-date and standardized master data for both parties.


 Source of product data for external solutions or omnichannel use

24/7 access to complete, consistent and standardized data for buyers and suppliers 

Compliance with global standards of data synchronization

Fewer mistakes, inconsistencies or outdated pieces of product information 




e-Catalogue process


Supplier Supplier uploads product master data to Infinite e-Catalogue Suite using a web-portal (manualy/using an Excel template) or EDI integrated solution. Buyer has access to all items via Infinite e-Catalogue Suite and defines and manages actions for given items via the workflow management system


All items approved within the workflow system are sent via EDI to a buyer.


what  Infinite E-catalogue Suite can do for You!

Uploading products

via www, XLS, EDI

Instant communication with clients

using product subscriptions




User-friendly interface

for managing product card

Product versioning,

recording changes








  Master data synchronization MADE EASY


 As a Buyer:


  • Create or update product cards with minimum manual workload required
  • Launch sales of your products much faster thanks to the automated master data updates
  • Have access to more extensive product data
  • Use centralized channel of transferring product data
  • Improve the quality of your product master data and use it in other business processes
  • Facilitate your omnichannel / e-commerce processes with rich multimedia
  • Establish better relations with suppliers
  • Have a precise product history at your disposal

As a Supplier:


  • Get your buyer's approval on new products much faster and have a seamless new product roll-out
  • Improve the quality of your product master data and use this data in other business processes
  • Update your product data via a dedicated platform - less manual workload
  • Get more product information, including multimedia, in front of buyers to drive the sales process
  • Stay informed about the product approval status (live view)
  • Have full history of products available in one place
  • Build better relations with buyers



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