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The solution for entrepreneurs to sign all documents, including contracts, electronically. Put a legally-binding signature, using a www platform or a mobile device (tablet). Our solution abides by the EU and US legislation (eIDAS No 910/2014 EU Regulation, UETA, and E-SIGN Act June 30, 2000). In the UAE, e-Sign is as legally binding as a signature written by hand according to Federal Law No.1 of 2006 regarding Electronic Transactions and E-Commerce.

Accept, sign or decline

Whether you're on a business trip, at your office or working from home, you can easily read and sign business documents. Just log into your account. Then sign or decline received documents in just one click. 

All documents to sign in one place:

- contracts: sales, procurement, NDA and many others 

- equipment handover forms
- investment proposals/applications
- HR documents: holiday requests, employment contracts
- balance sheets
- profit & loss accounts
- reports, summaries and many others

Once you approve the signature, both the document and the signature cannot be changed -  they are permanently protected.

Next, such an e-signed document can be saved, printed or sent by electronic means.





Our e-Sign solution is based on the software powered by Signatus which is fully compatible with Samsung KNOX. This ensures the military-level security measures. The Signatus solution incorporates industry-accepted standards (PAdES) in compliance with the US and EU legislation (eIDAS No 910/2014 EU Regulation, UETA, and E-SIGN Act of 30 June 2000). The dynamic data captured along with the handwritten signatures abides by the industry standard on biometric formats (ISO/IEC 19794-7).



In accordance with the binding legislation, some types of contracts require a handwritten signature, however they don't need to be printed.

Such contracts can be signed on a mobile device secured with an extra layer of biometric features. 



Not only the signature image, but also its biometric data are saved:

time, geographic coordinates, pen pressure.


· Securing the document and the signature with a digital certificate

· If the document is changed, the signature is invalid

· The signature cannot be copied - you need to write your signature in each field required


Identity confirmation - your signature on a tablet offers additional data - more than the traditional paper-based signature can provide.





Who it is for: 












board members

Anyone who approves

various types of documents



  End-to-end solution to: 


Sign contracts

much faster

Lower paper consumption

& printing expenses

Cut operational

& archiving costs

Integrate the system with your enterprise software to boost the document circulation in your organisation. It's much easier to find documents, nothing gets lost.

Make your staff

more effective





Signing documents on a tablet at a customer service center:



Employee prepares and generates

a PDF document for a customer,

using the CRM system.  

  Employee opens the document

and shows it to a customer on a tablet. 

Customer reads the contract,

gives one's assent and fills in

obligatory fields (if applicable). 

 Customer signs the document

on a tablet. 

Both parties receive the signed

document by e-mail,

alternatively the document

is available via the e-archive



Car rental facility

using handwritten signature on a tablet: 

Free zone signing documents

with its customers via a www platform 

There is a QR code to scan in a car.
Data from the QR code is uploaded to a vehicle handover form.
The signatory fills one's data and signs a vehicle handover form on the mobile device. 
The signed document is sent by e-mail, alternatively it is available via the e-archive. 
When a car is given back, the QR code is scanned again and a car rental representative inspects the car. 
The parties sign the handover report and the document is delivered by e-mail, alternatively it is available via the e-archive. 
Free zone shares business setup documents with a company.
The company which plans to set up a business in the free zone can access documents by e-mail or www portal.
Upon reading the documents and completing required data, the company approves the documents by clicking SIGN.
Documents can be signed using a code sent via a text message or a qualified e-signature (saved on one’s computer or server).
Infinite IT Solutions keeps all e-records referring to the act of document signing.
Both parties (free zone and a registered entity) receive a signed document together with a confirmation certificate and access to the archived documents.



How to start?

Invite us for a free demo and check how e-sign works. 



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