Marketplace features supporting bulk purchasing in the B2B channel

Tangible benefits of Marketplace experienced by producers, distributors and final buyers

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Infinite Marketplace Suite 

B2B platform which seamlessly connects a producer/distributor with end clients hereby supporting purchasing and delivery processes. The system powers integration, synchronization and collaboration of business partners within the whole supply chain.  

Infinite Marketplace Suite facilitates the full scope of B2B transactions - from the purchasing activities up to the final payment - day in and day out. The platform relies on the Electronic Data Interchange technology and requires only Internet connection to fulfil orders and carry out transactions.





Marketplace Features 

Custom Solution

Adjust the portal to your individual requirements. Choose skins, logo, banners, domain name, promo notifications that you prefer.

Product List 

Create user-friendly product lists for your individual buyers. The commercial offer

brings together detailed SKU data: product parameters, its descritpion, brand,

sub-brand, photos, status. With advanced searching tools (by GTINs, product IDs,

vendor, sold-to-party, ship-to-party, brand, sub-brand, products status, new

arrivals, etc.) you can easily process orders.Grid ordering feature allows you

to create and review orders for multiple branches in one spreadsheet.  


Customized Logistics Parameters

The portal allows you to have truly individual business terms with each of your buyers without any hassle. You can use a number of custom logistics settings available within Infinite Marketplace Suite: discount, special offer, minimum order value, minimum delivery date, discount per single item, individual payment terms. Access the reports section to check on the standing orders, targeting per brand or targeting per single item -and see the overall trends and tendencies of your business.


Customer Code Set Up

Match the vendor product ID to the buyer internal product code.

Use the individual packaging feature and other logistics parameters.

Import orders from an internal buyer file into the basket.


Document Management

Search for and print purchase orders and other documents. Track transaction documents whenever you need them and easily manage all delivery notes. Export your docs to Excel, PDF or XML.  Check on the record of document-related operations by accessing the online log.


Inventory Management

Get the real-time insighs into the stock levels.


Electronic Invoicing & Archiving

Go paperless and receive all invoices in the digital format. Store your e-invoices in the audit-proof electronic archive.






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