SFA/CRM system for sales reps, med reps, merchandisers, servicing staff 


Benefits of SFA/CRM system including continuous monitoring of sales targets and KPIs 


Wide range of SFA/CRM features such as calendar, multimedia, KPI, maps, GPS location 


Testimonials received from clients using SFA/CRM system by Infinite 


Top support package for SFA/CRM clients with maintenance, outsourcing, help desk and integration capabilities 


Contact experienced SFA/CRM vendor and get tailor-made offer 


is a top-tier IT solution which facilitates the performance of tasks by mobile employees, including: area sales representatives, consultants, merchandisers, servicing specialists. The mobile system boosts their workflow and accommodates top customer service. Thanks to a vast array of features, the app allows users to report on key aspects of their work as well as plan and define tasks essential to completing the business targets.

                Work faster and smarter. Communicate with your sales staff anytime, anywhere. SFA/CRM integration between sales reps and managers

SFA/CRM on smartphones and tablets

Profitable Investment

Extra sales generated thanks to the mobile solution substantially surpass the expenses on the system's implementation and maintenance.

SFA/CRM online app

Uncover Market Trends Quicker

The possibility of managing the system via the online app allows users to quickly react to market shifts.

 SFA/CRM functional capabilities  

Tailor-made Solution

Significant functional capabilities allow us to adjust the system according to your current business needs.

 SFA/CRM intuitive interface  

Top Work Comfort

Thanks to the modern, intuitive interface, the system guarantees user-friendly operations.

 SFA/CRM high efficiency  

Quick Operations

With its high efficiency and quick operations INFINITE SFA can easily handle even 300 000 items per order.

 SFA/CRM reports and analyses  

Improved Business Efficiency

All business knowledge essential to proper decision-making is easily accessible through reports distributed via e-mail as well as analytical BI tools.

 SFA/CRM with GPS location  

Cost Optimisation

The management of employees facilitated with the use of GPS, together with the data visualization on maps contribute to the optimisation of costs of the whole sales team.

 SFA/CRM integration  


The integration capabilities of INFINITE SFA with external IT systems facilitate continuous data flow and its consistency within the whole organisation.

 SFA/CRM support  

Comprehensive Support

The mobile system comes with a comprehesive package of additional services, what allows you to concentrate on the core business instead of the technology supporting it.

 SFA/CRM data security  

Data Security

The certified Data Center guarantees top data security, while proper SLA parameters offer comfort in everyday operations.





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