Workflow mechanism used to route documents from one employee to another


Business documents, such as contracts or offers, tend to circulate across the entire company from one employee to another, what gives you limited knowledge about their exact status and literally no access control options. Our WORKFLOW solution easily resolves the situation and optimises the document flow. 

WORKFLOW middleware manages the routing of document-related tasks within the whole organisation. It allows you to assign tasks to users or groups (e.g. reviewing documents) and systematically monitor progress thanks to the built-in notification system. This way, all data and documents are transferred between users at the proper time, according to the company-specific procedures. With the latest security standards and a cutting-edge mechanism of roles, it is possible to precisely determine the accessibility of content and the authorizations of individual users.   

 Workflow system developed by Infinite IT Solutions



Workflow. How does it work?    
  • Create a sequence of document-related tasks to be performed by users or groups (e.g. review)
  • You can define your own document flow or use one of the built-in document flow templates:
    - ad hoc task
    - verification & approval - users may reject or approve documents; the system features various models of the document verification (e.g. simultaneous, sequential, approval threshold, etc.) 
  • Assign tasks to users 
  • Monitor progress with the built-in notification system




Document Versioning             Data Repository
  • View the history of changes introduced on a document, including information about the author and date of changes
  • Restore any document version wanted
  • Basic versioning – activated manually for files subject to versioning
  • Automatic versioning – used for all catalogue elements
  • Store all document types
  • Track changes
  • Restore deleted documents
  • Integration capabilities: Google Docs, Libre Office (Open Office), MS Office



Cooperation & Communication

  • Manage the flow of documents between your staff 
  • Shape the document-related operations using a bunch of useful options: team sections, assigning tasks to users or groups, using a shared calendar, tracking changes, sharing resources
  • Attach any document from your repository
  • Power group cooperation and communications:
- discussion forum for exchanging ideas (adding comments to a document, using a multi-thread forum to run multiple discussions)
- calendar with important events marked
- wiki with instant access to business-relevant knowledge
- blogs
- website links
- RSS channels to track actions related to selected documents
  • Use the business process versioning to modify the processes which are underway
  • Reuse once collected knowledge:
- adding tags
- advanced search engine
  • Design your own portal - no programming knowledge needed 
  • Access resources on external portals: graphic files, video and audio files, any HTML, XML or text file





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