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Make your business paperless and easy – what you should know about business data automation?

In the era of digital transformation across the GCC, switching into the paperless solutions is a must-have for efficient operations and global market success of your company.

Data Automation solution can be your winning card for improving both internal and external processes, increasing their transparency and minimizing the possibility of data errors.

Supply chain management software

Infinite Data Automation Suite can be your greatest advantage of supply chain management process. Regardless of the industry you operate in, the automated processing of orders and other commercial documents will be a decisive step for your business. The benefits of implementing this model are visible in many areas – from increased efficiency, eliminating errors, reducing costs, up to increasing the quality and competitiveness of the customer service.

Practically speaking, integrated planning and carrying out supply chain operations, including – suppliers, logistics providers, distributors, buyers means:

  • reduction of inventory levels, storage costs cut by 10-20%
  • increasing employee’s efficiency by 2-5%
  • reduction of transport costs by 2-5%
  • increasing the company’s turnover by 5-10% without hiring additional staff
  • improving the quality of delivery service, increasing competitiveness

Across the Middle East, the number of companies which join the data automation network is on the rise. The growing popularity of processes automation, supported by electronic document exchange translates into the new model of business functioning – with other commercial entities.

Data automation stands for integrated business processes

Digital document management software by Infinite IT Solutions can be used to integrate all business applications into a central data ecosystem. In such a scenario, your business data can migrate between different IT systems seamlessly, offering you a holistic overview of your business processes. It guarantees efficient information flow between employees and supply chain partners and, above all, the integrity and completeness of the entered data.

 Companies which decide to go paperless and digitize their procure-to-pay process can gain a lot. Integrating at least two different B2B systems to exchange data offers tangible benefits:

  • fully automated way of data exchange
  • minimizing the risk of error
  • reducing operational costs – no data entry, touchless documents
  • fast and precise distribution of data allowing for faster business cycles

Automated processing of commercial documents – is it worth it?

A properly functioning Electronic Data Interchange ecosystem makes it possible to significantly shorten the cycle covering respectively: ordering, invoicing, delivery and payment. With EDI estimated savings, particular consideration should be given to shortening the delivery time of service and reducing inventories securing demand during the delivery period. EDI not only leads to faster commercial transactions, but also secures the entire supply chain.

What will your business look like with Infinite Data Automation Suite:

  • Your existing IT systems will be integrated with new ones
  • Your administrative costs will go down
  • Data-entry errors will be no longer an issue
  • Data will be exchanged within seconds
  • You will use the just-in-time procedure more
  • Your communication with  business partners will be faster and data-based
  • You will increase your company’s USP
  • You will execute business transactions faster

B2B, B2P, B2C – your customer is the most important

Thanks to Infinite Data Automation Suite it is possible to integrate data exchange systems – we gain what is most important in business – clear and smooth communication and better contact with partners and customers. At the operational level, the EDI software provides numerous benefits translating into efficiency and costs of doing business. Elimination of errors when entering data means faster information exchange time, streamlining the delivery process and, above all, ensuring customer relations – building their trust in the quality and professionalism of the company’s services.

In modern business, Data Automation is becoming an indispensable communication standard not only on the system-system line, but also business-to-business, business-to-partner, business-to consumer. This last relationship seems to determine the company’s position on the market to the greatest extent.