1. e-signature
  2. e-application
  3. e-contract
  4. e-approval
  5. e-invoice, e-statement
  6. e-insurance policy
  7. bank guarantee
E-signature module is the app designed to manage the process of signing documents with a digital signature. The app consists of a number of modules, including Signer described below. Aside from the Signer app, the module offers other extensions which can be applied to determine the signature format, define the source of data and manage digital docs to be signed (Bulk Signature Manager – optionally).

The application allows for signing digital documents in bulk with qualified or non-qualified certificates, or by means of a time stamp. The system is capable of handling versatile signature types (e.g. in-line digital signature on the PDF document or digital signature as a separate file).

The app designed to manage files to be signed with a digital signature. It distributes files between authorised users. May the package of documents not be signed within a specified period of time (e.g. 24 hours) by a user, the files are divided between other users in the organisation. E-signature module offers an advanced timestamping solution. It is a perfect mixture of market experience and servers efficiency. The system does not require the signer’s presence in front of a computer in the process of timestamping, what significantly enhances the whole procedure. Infinite is the only provider cooperating with all certification centres in Poland. That is to say, the solution can apply qualified signatures and time stamps of various certification centres. The e-signature module is fully compatible with the e-archive offered by Infinite – proper maintenance of digital documents is guaranteed during the whole retention period.  
The system allows for the in-line signature on PDF documents. The verification of such a digital signature is conducted via a dedicated app: PDF Validation App

Thanks to e-applications users can easily fill all information in the electronic format. Convenient and secure forms are adjusted to the intricacies of individual industries, what makes it much easier for users to complete them correctly.

Examples of e-applications:
  • Prolongation of installment
  • Agreement to e-invoicing
  • Changing a payment date
  • Cession
  • Customer evaluation
  • Authorisation to travel abroad
  • Early termination of a contract
  • Changing data
  • Ad-hoc enquiry
  • Complaint
  • e-contract
    The solution allows users to create, distribute, archive and share contracts in the e-form. A digital contract is downloaded from the system, then a user can familiarise themselves with its content and sign it with the extra possibility of authorising the contract. The act of performing these activities constitutes the declaration that the user is familiar with the contract and accepts its provisions. At this stage the contract is waiting to be approved by the other party. Moreover, the user can systematically verify whether the contract was signed and its provisions came into life. The paper version of a contract may be sent to the address specified in the form.

    E-approval is used to obtain the online consent to receive documents in the digital form. The mechanism was devised for online processes which are completely paperless. E-approval is an integral part of a website – in the course of a certain process a user concludes an applicable contract and agrees to receive documents in the electronic format. The solution is clear and easily accessible – it only takes 2-3 fields to fill in and a couple of check-boxes to mark. Thanks to the multi-channel approach, it is possible to verify the customer's identity to a very high extent. The encryption of personal data by means of the certificate provided by an invoice issuer allows to manage personal data in a secure manner. The software can be embedded on a dedicated site, on a dedicated domain or embedded on any website by means of an iframe.


  • Obtaining consent to send invoices in the digital format in accordance with requirements specified by an issuer
  • Reporting on approvals obtained
  • Reporting on all applications received
  • Automatic verification of data filled in by customers in the issuer’s system
  • Automatic transfer of data regarding positively verified customers to the invoicing system or other issuer’s systems


  • Simplify the whole process of obtaining approval for e-invoicing. We prioritise flexibility and customer-centred approach
  • Paper-less transactions; elimination of costs incurred by mail operators
  • Simplified & accelerated business processes
  • Various security & protection measures
  • Integration with external IT systems
  • Automation of the whole process (described further)
  • Payment based on the success fee

  • Specified message format based on XML
  • Authenticity and integrity of content; data security guaranteed with a digital signature or encryption
  • Message about e-agreement is sent via e-mail
  • Message about e-agreement is saved in the same format it is created and transferred in
  • Message can be downloaded as a file
  • Confirmation of receipt and e-agreement activation can be sent via e-mail / text message
  • Customisable forms, including the graphic design


  • Banner
  • Promotional action
  • Facebook
  • Website of an invoice issuer
  • E-care portal
  • It is a comprehensive IT solution for the management of e-invoices and e-statements within a company. Controlling the process of obtaining consent to receive documents in the electronic format, the so-called e-agreement:

  • Receiving and processing input data in any convenient format
  • Generating PDF docs
  • Controlling the quality of e-documents
  • E-signature on documents - PKCS#7 with a time stamp (optionally)
  • Grouping documents and drafting e-mails
  • Controlling the quality of e-mails
  • Bulk e-mail service
  • E-archiving
  • Sharing data on a customer’s portal
  • Maintaining signatures on e-documents (updating time stamps – optionally)
  • Reporting on the delivery of e-documents
  • Reporting on the processing of e-documents

  • The system can handle any convenient type of document, including:

  • Invoices
  • Pro-forma invoices
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Notes
  • Correction invoices
  • Marketing resources
  • Specifications
  • Billings
  • Statement invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Any other document type

  • e-insurance policy
    It is possible for a customer to download an insurance policy form together with all applicable terms and conditions of the insurance in the digital format. What are the following steps? The applicant has to familiarize themselves with the document, fill in a form and send it back via e-mail. Upon accepting the form, the payment for an insurance is conducted with a credit card/transfer. The insurance policy with its terms is sent to an indicated e-mail address. Until receiving the insurance policy in the paper version, the applicant can use a copy of the approved form printed by themselves.

    bank guarantee
    The process of issuing a bank guarantee is carried out online. The issuer (customer of a bank) fills in an application for issuing a document in the transactional system. The application is processed to a PDF file which is signed with a qualified signature by an authorised bank clerk (this process can be boosted with the implementation of the Bulk Signature Manager). Such a prepared document is then sent to an issuer via e-mail. Moreover, the bank guarantee can be verified online by the applicant in the issuing bank.


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