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  4. PKI Adapter

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

INFINITE EDI communicator supports integration, automatic exchange of e-documents (including purchase orders and e-invoices) and data synchronisation between business partners. The platform is available in two comprehensive versions:
  • INFINITE EDI connector this platform represents the qualities of traditional EDI coupled with the failsafe Internet-based solutions. The system incorporates various message standards, what enables companies to connect with any business partner, regardless of the EDI system, message format or communication channel employed.
  • WEB EDI is a competitive, but at the same time affordable solution which allows small and medium-sized enterprises to implement EDI tool that is fully compatible with the technologically advanced systems used by their business partners. WEB EDI transmits all the documents by means of a www portal. All communication processes are conducted through INFINITE EDI connector, regardless of the connection format used (VAN, AS2, other). Consequently, it is not necessary to install any software, unify communication channels or add any extra format mapping.

  • Faster document processing
  • Reduction of human errors
  • No repetition of data
  • On-the-spot access to relevant documents
  • No mailing costs
  • Reduction of transactional costs
  • No documents lost
  • Compliance with EDI systems used by business partners
  • Faster document processing
  • Improved shipping accuracy
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Marketplace for producers - electronic interchange of documents

    INFINITE EDI marketplace is a competitive, yet affordable tool addressed to small & medium enterprises which allows for the electronic data interchange with business partners. Being fully compatible with advanced IT solutions used by partners, marketplace allows users to create documents (orders, invoices, corrective invoices, confirmations, complaints) using the offer available online (form). That is to day, companies can perform their everyday purchasing activities by means of one platform. It is not necessary to install any software, integrate any communication channels or do extra format mapping.

    INFINITE EDI marketplace provides a wide spectrum of business-relevant features such as:
  • Access to the history of orders
  • Printing orders
  • Tracking the status of documents
  • Creating orders online
  • Checking stock levels
  • E-mail notifications about new messages & status changes
  • Internal circulation of documents

  • Improved trading capacity and substantial reduction of man-hours thanks to the automation of processes together with the elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy
  • Faster order processing for both a buyer and a seller
  • Elimination of human error
  • Faster financial transactions between business partners

    Enterprises have been focused on eliminating paper transactions in favour of electronic data interchange for years now. E-invoicing, in particular, allows them to eliminate the necessity of manual data processing as well as boost productivity, substantially reduce the frequency of errors and, consequently, establish better relations with business partners.

    The archiving system by Infinite meets the legal requirements of EU (Directive 77/388/EEC) with regards to the integrity of e-invoice’s content, authenticity of its origin and readability.

    The underlying idea of the archiving system is to eliminate the risk of data damage, significantly reduce operational costs and provide convenient access to invoices for all authorized users.

    INFINITE EDI archive offers an extensive set of features, including:
  • Archiving of e-documents in compliance with the legal requirements
  • Quality and productivity
  • Failsafe and secure archiving services, regardless of the operational system used
  • Online access
  • Interface integrated with the accounting system
  • Scalable system – if necessary, the platform can handle larger numbers of documents
  • Temporarily access to the archive for auditors
  • Significantly cheaper document storage
  • Easy access to documents
  • Efficient archiving regardless of the operation system used
  • Capability to store extra amounts of documents without generating additional costs
  • Positive evaluation of the platform interface during tax audits

    INFINITE EDI pki adapter is a comprehensive platform which allows to issue, send and receive invoices (correction invoices) in the electronic format. The transmitted documents have the form of a specially formatted pdf:
  • File represents the traditional image of invoice
  • Digital signature stands for the authenticity of origin
  • Time stamp guarantees the integrity of content

  • How does it work?
    Sending invoices:
  • EDI files (XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, etc.) are exported from the issuer’s ERP system to the specified location
  • INFINITE EDI connector validates the structure of files. If the verification is positive, files are signed with the PKI certificate and qualified time stamp
  • Additional file (e.g. XML) can be attached to the PDF invoice and sent via INFINITE EDI communicator
  • The invoice issuer is notified about the document delivery
  • All invoices are stored on the INFINITE EDI archive platform in accordance with the applicable financial regulations.

    Receiving invoices:
  • PDF invoices with the file attached (e.g. XML) are sent as a link in the e-mail
  • PDF invoices can be downloaded from WEB EDI using individual username and password
  • PDF invoices with the file attached (e.g. XML) can be also transferred directly to the recipient’s system via INFINITE EDI communicator
  • The invoice issuer is notified about the document delivery
  • All invoices are stored on the INFINITE EDI archive platform in accordance with the applicable financial regulations
  • Ecatalogue - Data Synchronisation

    eCatalogue is an end-to-end platform based on the global standards (GS1) that facilitates secure and continuous synchronisation of product-related data between business partners. Producers can add new products with precise, standardised descriptions to the system that can be downloaded by registered buyers (e.g. retail chains). That is why, eCatalogue contributes to more efficient communication within the supply chain and visible reduction of operational costs.

    Benefits for Suppliers (producers)
  • Product shortages eliminated
  • Faster product release onto the market
  • Product-related data passed to customers faster
  • Automatic data transmission to the system
  • Elimination of errors in the descriptions of products

  • Benefits for Buyers (subscribers)
  • Reduced stock supplies
  • Product shortages eliminated
  • New products can be released faster
  • No manual data entry (new products, updates)
  • Elimination of errors on invoices (product descriptions)


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