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Polintegra Centre was established on 27 October 2014 as a common ground between business and educational circles to boost competitiveness and innovation of the Polish economy. Infinite is one of the 31 entrepreneurs representing the business sector. 

„Polintegra Centre is a significant venture for innovation enhancement and IT development of various branches of the Polish economy, which are frequently emphasised in the EU operation programmes 2014-2020. Thanks to the exchange of knowledge and experience, the collaboration of educational circles and entrepreneurs such as Infinite, can contribute to breakthrough solutions”.  – Jacek Podsiadły, IT Technical Director at Infinite, points out.

The initiative partnered by Infinite concentrates on the coordination and promotion of activities targeted at developing new technologies by means of extensive cooperation of business and education environments. The full name of organization is: The Cross-Regional Centre for Science and Industry (Bio) – Polymers – Materials – Technology for Economy. The solutions devised within Polintegra could be applied in multiple sectors: chemical, biotechnological, food and textile industries, electronic as well as medicine, agriculture, construction, transportation and energetics.      

Research and development, being the core of Polintegra Centre, comprise one of the major targets for 2014-2020, which are to contribute to greater innovation of the Polish economy and popularization of digital technology.  


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