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Within its development strategy Spółdzielnia Obrotu Towarowego (SOT) decided to invest in modern technology for the trade industry and implemented the EDI system by Infinite which facilitates e-invoicing and e-archiving of documents.

The turnkey solution offered by Infinite consists of EDInet Communicator and EDInet Archive platforms which contribute to higher quality and efficiency of SOT business processes. EDInet Communicator enables users to transfer various trading documents, such as orders and invoices, while EDInet Archive stands for secure storage of e-invoices in compliance with the legal requirements.

Efficient cooperation with producers is of paramount importance in the FMCG sector, especially in terms of companies such as SOT which systematically expand offer and enter new markets. As Dariusz Truchel from the Piątnica Diary Cooperative points out, the deployment of EDInet enables the company to exchange the documents faster, this in turn, results in timely debt settlement, which, after all, is significant to each and every entrepreneur. Moreover, Rafał Pietrkiewicz from MarcPol SA adds that with the EDI solution all trading processes are more efficient – orders, confirmations, invoices are processed and sent automatically, what contributes to quicker order fulfillment.     

“Data security was the major condition when we were selecting the e-archiving supplier. The trial stage of EDInet Archive by Infinite confirmed that the documents are protected against any modifications by the time stamp, while access to the system is granted only to the authorized users. This way, we are able to thoroughly control who and when has insight to our e-invoices, what was not possible in terms of the traditional document storage. Last but not least, the archive is available 24/7” – emphasises Marcin Jankowski, the Head of IT Department in SOT.    

IT solutions by Infinite comprise an intrinsic element of SOT integration with its producers. “We are aware that our competitive advantage on the FMCG sector depends to a large extent on the efficient supply chain. By automating key processes with our business partners, we are able to timely react to the market needs” – Andrzej Ramotowski, the Chairman of SOT Management Board, comments. 


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