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Spółdzielnia Obrotu Towarowego (SOT), the leading Polish distributor of dairy products, continues the strategy of sales automation. Following a successful deployment of the EDI solution, the company adopted an advanced trading platform by Infinite. Consequently, the sales and buying cycles have been fully automated.  

“The interest in our offer and the scale of business activity are on the rise – SOT offers over 10 000 unique dairy products and groceries. We are aware that modern technology has an immense potential in trade. That is why, we were looking for a solution that would accelerate order processing and, at the same time, allow us to unify the distribution channel so that all information is transferred through one system -  in our case, marketplace” – explains Grażyna Janowicz, Sales Director.   

Marketplace stands for the support of order processing and documents circulation. Its key features cater to the needs of FMCG sector. As a result, both distributors and business partners experience the benefits of the system deployment.

Paweł Korniluk, Logistics Director, mentions that marketplace allows to streamline a number of processes within the supply chain: generating offers, processing orders, managing special offers, complaints and financial documents. Sending electronic invoices to shops enables SOT to save time and eliminate errors, what links to substantial savings. The dairy cooperative can provide its contractors with 24/7 services available in the online and offline modes.  

Promotional actions play a significant part in the company’s business activities. Managing special offers with marketplace is much smoother – information about special offers can be quickly spread by means of e-mail and text notifications. Attractive graphic design is an important add-on, since customers become more interested in our promotions.  

The benefits of marketplace implementation are visible to SOT business partners – individual POS as well as retail chains all over Poland. “Making orders with marketplace generates considerable time savings. The offer is presented in an accessible way; photos, descriptions and product substitutes support convenient decision-making. Just like in a traditional warehouse, users can analyse and compare products – without the necessity of leaving a shop. Product filtering and defined templates  come in handy – even bulk orders take little time thanks to these extra features available” – Robert Wyrwas from Euro Sam store in Białystok emphasises. 


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