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Each entrepreneur knows that the team of qualified employees is of key importance to the market success. Since digitalisation dynamically enters consecutive industries, the need for keen IT specialists is on the rise. The selection of proper employees might be a challenge especially to the companies which do not deal in modern technology on a daily basis. That is why, more and more enterprises opt for business process outsourcing (BPO).  

“By establishing cooperation with a company specializing in IT outsourcing, we delegate the process of recruitment to an entity familiarized with the intricacies of IT industry. The knowledge of key technologies, programming languages, algorithms… It is the outsourced services provider who verifies education as well as practical skill of candidates. Moreover, an extensive and diversified database of candidates facilitates matching proper candidates to specific projects.” – Beata Dutkalska, the Director of Outsourcing at Infinite, comments.          

The cooperation models adopted for IT outsourcing vary depending on the industry, the current situation of a company and the project itself. One of the most widespread solutions is the temporary outsourcing of IT staff, which allows to enlarge the team for a specific period of time without the need of offering a permanent employment. Such an approach is particularly recommended to the companies which take up interim IT projects. Another option is the delegation of staff recruitment to the outsourcing company. Thanks to an in-depth market knowledge, outsourced recruiters can faster reach the people who fit the job description. Try & Hire model is worth mentioning in here. It combines the characteristics of contracting – but there is an option of employing an IT expert permanently after the probationary period. This enables a company to check on the actual competences and skills before reaching the final decision about the employment. Project outsourcing serves as an alternative to the aforementioned solutions. It presumes the direct support of outsourcing company within a specific IT project, including: analysis, implementation, training, maintenance and developmental works.        

IT outsourcing keeps evolving according to the latest requirements of companies. Selecting a suitable model of cooperation is preceded by the analysis of needs and expectations so as to offer a tangible support within IT and enable a company to concentrate on the core business.  


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