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Devising optimum work schedules that are consistent with labour laws and regulations turns out to be a challenge for managers in numerous companies. This issue is particularly urgent for enterprises with a lot of branches and locations, where employees follow the full-time equivalent system. How to efficiently run employee scheduling? Time & attendance systems (Pol. RCP) come in handy, since they automate the process of time sheet management.

“The trend to automate key internal and external business processes (e.g. Electronic Data Interchange) is visible on the market. HR is not an exception. Not long time ago a plain worksheet used to be a primary tool to arrange schedules. Such an approach proved cumbersome and error-prone on a number of occasions. With the arrival and proliferation of time & attendance systems, managers gained reliable support as far as time recording and scheduling are concerned. But that is not all – apart from intelligent time clocks, the latest time and attendance solutions facilitate the process of planning, recording and billing of employees”  – Aneta Andruszkiewicz, Product Manager at Infinite IT Solutions, points out.    

Contemporary time & attendance systems enable managers to create optimum schedules that follow labour laws. The process is carried out much faster thanks to various calendars, dedicated templates and the possibility of copying past schedules. Coupled with features that analyse the traffic and facilitate forecasting, the system suggests the correct number of employees with division into various time frames. This allows for perfect staffing as well as substantial cost cuts. Past and current employee data, such as total hours worked, time off, overtime hours, late clock-ins and shifts in the organisation, are gathered in one location, what stands for better control and faster payment processing.          

One of the key issues for large organisations is the possibility of integrating time & attendance tools with HR systems. It helps to automatically synchronise data and quickly calculate time worked. Consequently, even in terms of a large number of workers, HR processes boil down to just a few clicks in the app and exporting the data to the payroll system.   

The benefits of time & attendance system deployment become visible nearly on the spot. On one hand, managers are capable of carrying out HR processes automatically and consequently, a significant amount of their time is freed for the core business. On the other hand, employees follow the schedule that is adjusted to the real-time business needs in accordance with the labour norms and regulations.



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