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Data gathered in IT systems is of immense value to each and every enterprise. Losing this data always comes with significant losses and can even lead to bankruptcy. According to PC World, 25% of serious IT failures end up with winding up a company. By all means, there is a close link between the value of data and the size of enterprise. That is why, data protection regulations should correspond to the system’s influence on the company’s operations and the issue of selecting the right protection measures should be treated as just important as choosing the very software.

“Multi-branch companies which require access to IT systems for both on-site and off-site employees as well as provide resources to business partners, need to apply multilevel and diversified security systems. Finding an optimal solution which, on one hand provides thorough security of data processing and, on the other does not generate extensive maintenance costs that would drive competitive advantage down, is a real challenge to IT departments in large organisations” – Jacek Podsiadły, ICT Director at Infinite IT Solutions comments.    

Data security should be considered with a systematic approach.  An Information Security Management System is currently the primary set of policies on the market that is consistent with ISO/IEC 27001. The system covers the key issues connected with drafting, implementation, maintenance and improvement of data security management in a company.

Assuring physical security of the stored data comprises another key factor. Data processing devices are to be located in the premises secured against unauthorized access, equipped with fire detectors and automatic fire suppression systems. Moreover, regular safety and security training of employees is an absolute must.

Data security procedures presume also proper archiving and backup regulations. Archiving solutions stand for the storage of e-documents in a secure location, while backup copies enable businesses to recover data in case of loss, damage or system failure. In critical situations, when the main system gets damaged, data centres offer the possibility of restoring data and running it on the backup infrastructure.   

“While analysing the Polish market of backup & recovery solutions, the growing awareness of businesses about this particular element of IT infrastructure becomes apparent. Although a number of companies keep ignoring this issue presuming that the security of IT systems is an unnecessary cost, positive shifts are truly visible. According to IDC report, year 2015 shall depict the increase in IT spending on security-related solutions among Polish enterprises by 7%. What is more, depending on their size, companies declare to allocate 2,5% to 15% of their yearly IT budget on data protection” – Jacek Podsiadły points out.   



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