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SFA/CRM solutions are currently the key means of facilitating the performance of daily tasks by mobile sales teams. The systems support sales reps in the efficient management of their time and due accomplishment of assigned tasks. They frequently offer access to complete market data and the history of cooperation with stores, thus successfully replacing numerous tools that used to be essential to sales people, including: fax, calendar, notepad, brochures etc.

The major SFA/CRM systems on the Polish market depict substantial functional capabilities. Collecting orders, running promotions, conducting market research, taking photos, verifying shelf layout standards– these are only some of the features offered by SFA/CRM solutions. So which of the systems available on the market are to be chosen? What criteria should be considered first of all?

Companies should opt for the best system – that’s the advice we can expect first of all. Yet what does it mean? The most prominent one, the most popular system on the market, the most common one in a given industry? No. The best SFA/CRM solution for a particular company is the one which responds to its business needs to the largest extent. If there is a number of systems which meet the company’s business expectations, the following factors are worth considering.

Pricing is definitely one of the key decisive factors. While analysing the scale of investment in the SFA/CRM system, the company should have in mind not only the cost of license and implementation which is a one-off payment, but also maintenance fees which are usually charged on a monthly basis. Since the lifecycle of a mobile system in a company is on average 36 months, it may turn out that the monthly fees in particular are the key financial issue. 

 “The business needs defined at the stage of mobile system selection can evolve with time. Depending on the market shifts, it may turn out that there is a need for system modifications which are conducted by a system provider on the basis of specified development fees. The cost of changes planned can vary, depending on their scale. That is why it is important to make sure that the system is flexible as far as its features are concerned, what would allow for updates to be run by the customer’s admins. Thanks to that, modifying certain processes and parameters within the app is possible without generating extra costs, what cuts to a significant extent the need to run paid programming works with a system supplier” – Artur Śpiewak, Director of Sales and Business Development – Infinite SFA, points out.         

The aforementioned financial issues should be taken into consideration during the budgeting so that the offer for a mobile system combines the emphasis on cost-efficient solutions and the latest technologies.



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