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You are obligated to send an e-Invoice to the Government companies, but you do not know what to do? Please let us know, we will do business for you. An electronic invoice or e-Invoice represents the invoice issued, sent and received in a structured form that allows its automatic and electronic processing and is substantially identical to a paper invoice with all items prescribed by the Law.

For the Issuers of Electronic Invoices, according to Article 7. (OG 94/18), the obligation to issue and send electronic invoices and accompanying documents commence on 01.07.2019. All invoices exchanged within the public procurement sector must be electronic and should not be in paper form. The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts in Croatia has published a list of authorized providers which, in cooperation with FINA, are enabled to transfer and transform of e-Invoices in agreed format to public companies.

OptimIT d.o.o. is included in the electronic invoice exchange project in purpose of Public Procurement Law through the central FINA system and the "e-Invoice for the State" service. In accordance with the Laws, Directives and Standards, we are authorized as an informational broker in providing an overall electronic invoice exchange solution as well as all other business documents.

With Electronic Document Exchange (EDI) business communication becomes simpler, faster and cheaper, which ultimately results in more efficient office management.

Electronic document exchange is most commonly done through an information broker that removes barriers to electronic document exchange between different business systems involved in electronic document exchange (EDI). Electronic document exchange via OptimIT can be secured through two e-Solutions e-Solutions:

 1.) The WEB EDInet interface is designed for receiving, creating, sending and managing electronic invoices via an Internet browser.

2.) EDI Integration with Business Program enables complete automation of receiving and sending electronic accounts without human intervention.

E-invoice with the help of the EDI method ensures credibility of the origin, the integrity of the content and legibility of the invoice, which is the basis for access to the „paperless“ market. With the "Turnkey" principle we offer the possibility of e-Archiving of all kinds of electronic documents in business, where the basic idea of an archiving system enables easy access to accounts for all authorized users, eliminating the risk of data corruption and significantly reducing operating costs. If there is interest in at your side, through an unbounded consultation, the OptimIT team will be happy to help you find the optimal solution for your business.



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