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The FMCG market is very demanding. We have been observing the development of the world revolution - technological and digital for over 17 years. Companies constantly strive to increase the competitiveness of their business through automation (i.e. computerized business processes).

Nowadays, hardly no business is able to successfully compete on the market without process automation, the decision-making process shall be flexible and the flow of information optimized. That's why companies which have decided to automate their processes equip employees with IT tools.

One of such solutions is a mobile system for sales representatives - Infinite SFA Suite. It supports the performance of everyday activities of geographically dispersed sales force. The mobile system has been designed to help sales representatives manage their work time and perform their daily tasks much more efficiently. It offers access to complete market data along with the history of cooperation with customers. The application efficiently replaces a number of traditional accessories of sales reps: calendar, notebook, product brochures, etc.

Companies are on the look-out for better visibility of the sales process, detailed market trends, automated operations which are currently handled manually, improved product-to-market steps and much more - explains Łukasz Spirała from Infinite IT Solutions.

A properly selected SFA system is a great asset for every management team. It monitors the level of realization of sales targets, KPIs. With Infinite SFA Suite in place, companies have higher transparency of the sales process, route planning, merchandising activities, detailed market trends, streamlined operations which are usually handled manually, improved product-to-market steps and much more. The system also helps to eliminate paper from daily operations by allowing to handle all the documents electronically. Having insight to the above, managers are able to respond faster to changes as quick and correct decisions are key to success. All customers who enjoy using the Infinite SFA system confirm that shortly upon the implementation, the sales processes have been shortened by as much as 20%, and the closing ratio of sales increased by 30%.

Since online shopping is becoming a natural activity for customers, why not allow also stores to place orders online? Infinite IT Solutions has created the Marketplace platform, which enjoys great recognition among its users (distributors, stores, hotels, restaurants) facilitating their daily work related with placing orders and handling documents. The success of the platform is a result of a large number of useful and user-friendly functionalities. There is a possibility of integration with various ERP systems, too. Currently Marketplace is one of the most recognizable B2B platforms across the FMCG market. It streamlines document exchange processes between distributors and recipients. The platform has been operating on the market for almost 20 years. It is regularly being updated following continuously growing market expectations. Infinite Marketplace Suite facilitates the full scope of B2B transactions - from the purchasing activities up to the final payment. The platform relies on the Electronic Data Interchange technology and requires only Internet connection (even occasionally via modems) to fulfil orders and carry out transactions - explains Łukasz Spirała.

The implementation of the Infinite Marketplace platform provides users with many benefits, among which the most important are:

  • Access to the platform anytime, anywhere
  • End users can purchase products directly, what shortens the order-delivery cycle
  • Always up-to-date information about new product lines with individual special offers
  • Online commercial offer, detailed product data and a user-friendly search engine support users in finding products they are looking for
  • Advanced analytics
  • Financial management (credit limits, debt settlements)
  • Extra tools (generating invoices, printing labels, translating indexes)
  • Distributors reduce operating costs by up to 10%

Infinite Marketplace Suite seamlessly connects a producer/distributor with end clients hereby supporting purchasing and delivery processes. The system powers integration, synchronization and collaboration of business partners within the whole supply chain. Constant access to current promotions and new products ensures better store supply and higher sales.

IT systems work properly in a company only when they are compatible with other systems and are properly integrated with each other. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose an experienced partner like Infinite IT Solutions, which will carry out the integration process completely.



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