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On January 24, 2020 we completed the implementation of e-Signature at Orange Poland. It was a very large and demanding project. That’s why we are proud that it was successful.

Orange was the first operator in Poland to provide the option of signing documents on a tablet, which was positively received by both employees and customers.

In December 2017, we piloted e-signing in the first Orange showroom. From the launch of e-Signature to today:


- over 760.000 customers have signed contracts on the tablet

- nearly 4,5 million sheets of paper were saved

- nearly 400 trees were saved

In total, we launched e-signature in nearly 700 showrooms at whole Poland. The exact implementation schedule was planned together with the client to maintain smooth work at customer service points. In the most intense period, even 15 showrooms were implemented in one day. Thanks to good communication and cooperation with Orange Poland, the project was run smoothly.

e-Signature combines new technologies and our habits. By placing a signature on a tablet with a biometric layer, the image of the signature and the characteristics of the person signing the document are saved. Thanks to this information you can check very quickly whether the signature is authentic. The document is in a digital version, there is no need to print it, therefore, as customers, we can check the provisions of the contract in our mailbox at any time.

Companies which want to significantly reduce the amount of printed paper and streamline document workflow should consider launching e-Signature. The solution is:

  • convenient - the user places the signature in the same way as on a piece of paper, and the ordered service can be started faster
  • secure - the signature can’t be copied, no changes can be made to the document after the signature
  • a legal signature - made in this way has legal effects, therefore consents, declarations as well as contracts may be signed



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