E-Customer Service Centre

These days, there is a strong tendency for customers to collect information on product and services on their own. Customers decide on their own how fast and when to gain new information, they are also less and less likely to reach out to a salesperson for advice.

There are also changes in terms of the after-sales support – customers prefer having access to the whole history of cooperation with a given service provider at their earliest convenience.

Service providers need to face this challenge and offer information on their products in a suitable way. Customer service experience is also more important than ever – customers need to feel that they have the best product offering on the market and, consequently, what would encourage them to return or recommend services.



Infinite offers a self-service portal which streamlines communication between companies and their customers.  It allows for:


  • filing electronic applications
  • distributing content from enterprise software (agreements, schedules, statements, insurance)
  • establishing communication intended for portal users
  • storing and having access to a customer’s documents via the data repository (e-drive)
  • providing the settlement balance together with detailed information on payments
  • direct contact to the customer support
  • “soft” debt recovery service (notifications about overdue payments)
  • uploading general or custom commercial offers





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