Factoring allows for early settlement of trade receivables from supply agreement, sales of goods or services. Infinite offers a comprehensive solution which integrates the information management systems of a factor and a seller (assignor) using various communication channels, various data interchange standards, hereby delivering full automation and top security.




Simplified flow of e-documents in the factoring process:



e-Faktoring schemat



Infinite Paperless supports the following types of factoring


Recourse factoring supports suppliers who would like to receive payment for the e-invoices with deferred terms of payment, without covering any specific risks. In the event that a recipient will not make a payment to a factor, the payment must be made by an assignor (seller). In contrast, in case of the non-recourse factoring, also known as the full service factoring, if the payment is not made by a recipient upon the due date, a factor/bank must claim the payment from a debtor on one’s own.


Upon logging into Infinite EDInet, suppliers, who use the system to receive purchase orders and send invoices, can select outstanding invoices to be settled prior to the payment date and perform a short simulation of the factoring transaction. It takes literally one click to send a notification that you are interested in factoring. Once the terms of cooperation are agreed, a specific agreement can be concluded online, what significantly shortens the time period between filing a factoring application and receiving the funds. If you would like to learn more about this solution, contact your consultant at Infinite.


Even if a supplier does not issue electronic invoices, they can use a simple creator to prepare and send an electronic invoice to a recipient on the basis of a purchase order – in three simple steps!



It combines the elements of recourse and non-recourse factoring. With the mixed factoring, both a factor/bank and an assignor share the risk of non-payment if a debtor is not able to repay the debt. However, the risk of non-payment is only limited to a particular sum of money for a factor/bank, while an assignor bears the responsibility for the transaction.



Reverse factoring is used to prolong the payment deadlines on one’s own debts payable. It is suitable for companies which cooperate with regular suppliers who require payment in cash or offer too short payment deadlines.


Via Infinite EDInet, a company can see the list of its suppliers together with information on outstanding liabilities and their value. It is possible to select invoices to be paid by a factor/bank. Thanks to the integration connection with the banking software and the accounting software, a user can easily check on invoices that have been already paid and this way avoid the risk of duplicate payments.





Once the terms of cooperation are agreed, an agreement can be concluded online. This significantly shortens the time period between filing a factoring application and receiving the funds.




  • Full automation of the factoring process and full control at each step of the process
  • Access to reports on settlements, balance, etc.
  • No duplicate payments made by a retailer or a factor
  • Control over a supplier’s payment limits
  • Factoring process tailored to the requirements of a customer
  • More competitive terms of cooperation with a factor/bank

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