1. Workflow/BPM
  2. Business Process Automation
  3. Document Portal
Workflow is the solution designed to automate key business processes. It allows data and documents to be transferred between users at proper time, according to the predefined procedures. With the workflow management system all repetitive operational processes become automated and the involvement of employees becomes limited to the sole decision-making.

  • Scaling up financial settlements (up to a few hours)
  • Controlling the issue and payment deadlines for sales invoices
  • Improving the quality and productivity of employees and resources
  • Enhancing the management of employees and their salaries in companies with the dispersed structure
  • Up-to-date control of deadlines e.g. orders, deliveries etc. – notifying about and monitoring delays
  • Controlling the decision-making processes and the staff – who and when performed a given activity
Infinite offers a complete solution which automates the corporate internal processes. It allows for data to be downloaded and transferred to IT systems in an automated, precise manner without the need for a user participation.

The specialised IT solution is designed to efficiently enter or download large volumes of data and transfer it further in the format agreed. Thanks to the load balancing mechanism, the system uses its IT resources (processors, storage recourses, network resources, etc.) in an optimal way.

  • Faster data interchange
  • Central management of processes
  • Elimination of errors – improving the overall quality of business processes
  • Overcoming the limitations of apps & systems (productivity, licensing)

The whole process is meticulously monitored and reported. It is possible to systematically overview the whole procedure as well as download reports regarding the activities undertaken.

Example: Entering data to the CRM system automatically on the basis of reports provided by the courier company.
1. The courier sends contracts to its customers and then provides the ordering party with the report on the contracts signed.
2. The reports used to be manually entered to the CRM system by a couple of employees.
3. Now the data is automatically entered to the system. The procedure takes place much faster without the necessity to involve numerous employees in the process.

Thanks to the aforementioned solution the customer gained additional management tool and can easily track any attempt of extortion.

Electronic Document Management
Each decision-making process can be modelled in an easy and intelligible way. The embedded authorization system is designed in such a way that employees have access only to documents and decisions which are within their duties and responsibilities. Managers have at their disposal tools which support them in the process of dividing tasks equally between employees, taking decisions or passing some business matters to other departments. The system is fully scalable and offers a comprehensive customer support. It can be applied for the implementation of Quality Management System.
The document portal allows users to share digital documents. Be it a financial document or a non-financial one (e.g. contract, specification, note or any other industry-specific doc), it is published in the portal and can be overviewed, processed and managed. Depending on the business relations with your customers, the portal can offer you various functional solutions.

The portal is designed to share and manage e-documents. The process of searching docs is fast and error-free. It only takes a couple of seconds to download a document / package of documents which are then automatically uploaded to the financial system (optional feature). The log-in interface is fully customisable so both the issuer and the recipient can be sure that documents reach the right, authorised user.

The portal meets all requirements as far as the document archiving is concerned. This eliminates the necessity of issuing duplicates. Access to required documents is guaranteed regardless of your current location.

The system is accessible via all browsers and no additional software is required.

  • Browsing and managing documents online
  • Settling disputes faster
  • No manual data entry
  • Customer segmentation
  • Managing notifications, enquiries, complaints
  • Text/e-mail notifications
  • Downloading data directly to financial systems operating in a company
  • Information about invoices paid/unpaid
  • Scaling up productivity of business processes
  • Document versioning
  • Sharing schedules
  • Bulk messaging

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