Planning and work time list

Infinite Time & Attendance Management system is used in small and medium-sized companies, as well as large corporations with a dispersed and complex organizational structure. The system can operate in any enterprise where there is a need for quick and efficient planning of working time in accordance with applicable Labor Code standards and the actual needs of staffing.


Integration with I/O devices allows quick recording of real working time. The solution also helps optimize the salary costs associated with the settlement of real working time.


The Time & Attendance Management system can be integrated with any HR system, and if the company doesn't have such a system, it can also act as a separate program in which employees can be manually registered.


Infinite Time & Attendance Management system changes the approach to work time planning, and thanks to numerous helpful functionalities it shortens the time of planning, managing and settling employees' work time. Additional applications from the T&A family help employers to eliminate paper circulation of documents, and also improve the electronic flow of employee data.




1. Infinite Time & Attendance Management – Work time planning and recording - the main application for employees planning and accounting for their working time.

2. Infinite HCM – Human Capital Management:

  • Web application – a self-service application for all employees.
  • Mobile application – a self-service application available on a mobile device for all employees.

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