Infinite is a certified partner of ORACLE. Oracle Partner Network is a global business network of more than 20,000 companies which deliver innovative software solutions based on the Oracle software. Through access to Oracle's premier products, know-how, technical services, marketing and sales support, the Oracle Partner Network provides partners with the resources they need to be successful in the today's global economy. Oracle partners are able to offer their customers cutting-edge solutions backed by Oracle's position as the world's largest software company. Oracle certificate stands for the superior quality, technical expertise and commitment to business expansion.


VAN Services offer end-to-end solutions for transferring key data across EDI connection as well as other networks. In order to ensure wide range of communication channels we established cooperation with GXS and POLKOM, what enabled connection to other VAN (X.400) providers worldwide. Infinite communication partners include:
GXS Information Exchange
Telebox400 / BusinessMail 400
Sterling Commerce Net
Tradanet Plus Communication
Helsinki Telephone Company Ltd.
AUCS Communication Services


Infinite is connected to local EDI providers, what expands the scope of our communication possibilities. The following EDI providers collaborate with Infinite:
Comarch (ECOD)
Telekom Austria
Editel (eXite)
Pranke Consulting


ECR organization was established in response to the extensive advances in information technology, growing competition, accelerating globalization and, consequently, increasing turnover of goods across European countries. The cause is focused on the enhancement of customer service quality and security as well as better integration of supply chain. Being a member of ECR, Infinite actively participates in the workgroups in various countries and contributes to the development of EDI solutions in compliance with the global standards, what facilitates defining the norms of EDI systems. Infinite participates in the local ECR initiatives in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Business partnership



At Déhora, we focus primarily on optimising workforce planning in organisations. Especially within organisations where workforce planning is characterised by a certain degree of complexity, dynamism and unpredictability, significant gains can be made. To a large extent, the quality of the workforce planning controls the ‘bottom line’ results of these organisations. Therefore, we support them at strategic, tactical and operational levels with a complete, custom package of workforce planning services to suit their needs.

Dehora helps in solving problems in the following areas:

  • Work time management;
  • Non-standard and shift work;
  • The company's working time and its opening hours;
  • Time of work and its flexibility;
  • Planning organization and methodology;
  • Tempo, timing and tuning;
  • Workload and work balance - private life;
  • Planning and logistics and ergonomic and health issues.

3 LOE Solutions

3 LOE Solutions as a member of the Partner Program is involved in the sale of Infinite IT solutions in Sri Lanka. The company has extensive experience in designing business applications for medium-sized enterprises.


Cairo Soft

The CAIRO-soft company has been creating and developing software for trading enterprises for over 26 years. Currently, as a leading producer of software for the automotive industry, it offers a number of systems that allow the management of a commercial enterprise, its warehouse management, delivery of goods and presentation of the offer to clients. The solutions offered by CAIRO can be successfully used in trade enterprises in the clothing and construction industries as well as manufacturing enterprises. As part of its activities, thanks to the employees 'knowledge acquired over the years, it also provides consultancy in the field of process optimization in enterprises, creates IT solutions tailored to the clients' needs, provides comprehensive project support including the implementation of warehouse automation modules, delivery of warehouse equipment and necessary IT equipment. Currently, thanks to cooperation with Infinite IT Solutions, it is introducing a new SFA solution to its offer.



DIGIT-AL is an integrator and producer of IT solutions dedicated to business. The company's offer includes the following systems:

enova - dedicated to managing medium and large enterprises,
Sage Symfonia ERP - dedicated to medium-sized enterprises,
Sage Symfonia - for small enterprises,
Sage Symfonia Start - for micro enterprises and start-ups.

In addition, DIGIT-AL provides services in creating additional solutions for enova and Sage ERP / Symfonia / Start systems as well as individual projects. The company provides comprehensive IT support, including consultancy in the selection of software and hardware platforms as well as IT infrastructure design. As an authorized partner of enova and Sage, DIGIT-AL offers installation and training, comprehensive system implementations and post-implementation care with guaranteed response time.

DOCCA Outsource IT

Infinite in cooperation with DOCCA Outsource IT Kft. has been successfully delivering EDI, PKI and SFA solutions in Hungary for 8 years now. Our business customers include, most of all, large retail chains, producers, suppliers as well as the representatives of tourist industry. Such top-tier brands as Samsung, Bonafarm, Spar and American Express can be found in our Hungarian portfolio.



Distributor of IT infrastructure management solutions. He specializes in designing solutions based on the products we offer. Provides training and implementation services. He conducts business, process and technological consulting.  



Nobilitus strengthens the competitive advantage of companies by improving their operational efficiency. This is possible by restructuring, reorganizing, reducing costs, increasing profitability, supporting outsourcing, importing and exporting innovations, designing and implementing management tools, and learning how to use them effectively. 

Each project is conducted on the basis of a close partnership with the client, thanks to which people involved in the project identify with its business goals, which further determines the contribution to the client's successes, which also become the successes of Nobilitus. 

There are no standard solutions at Nobilitus. Only individually tailored solutions allow you to gain lasting competitive advantage.



Infinite, in cooperation with, OptimIT offers a vast array of EDI solutions, including e-invoicing and e-archiving, on the Croatian market. 


The research and development activity that underlies the Polintegra Center is one of the leading development goals for 2014-2020 towards increasing the innovativeness of the economy and the spread of the use of digital technologies.


Unit4 Teta

Unit4 Teta has been operating for 33 years on the Polish market of business software producers. Six years ago, the company joined the Dutch group UNIT4, which is one of the largest ERP software suppliers in the world. Currently, over 2,000 use UNIT4 TETA solutions. large and medium-sized companies and institutions in Poland and Hungary. The company offers the TETA HR system (formerly TETA Personnel) which is a leader on the HR market and TETA ERP (formerly TETA Constellation), a people-oriented ERP system that automates ongoing work for strategic activities. Unit4 Teta offers services in the following areas: 

- TETA HRis a system designed to improve the work of HR, payroll, HR departments. The target users are people working in these departments, personnel directors, representatives of senior management, HR department specialists responsible for employee competence development programs, etc. calculating payrolls, making bank transfers, sending PIT documents to the Tax Office, keeping transparent records of employees employed on several full-time jobs or full overtime control, enables the management of employee competencies and development, training and recruitment. 

 - TETA EDU is a system dedicated to the education and higher education sector, combining ERP, HR and BI solutions. Improves the acquisition and management of projects, communication with employees, meets the needs of students through integration with external specialized systems. As the only one it supports employment functionality in the OneRec architecture (an employee is registered under one record, the entire employment history is assigned to him). In addition, it contains applications supporting the management of personnel, logistics or projects, as well as a wide range of dedicated functionalities, such as record of degree and academic titles, automatic calculation of leave dimensions for academic teachers, and records and accounting of academic absenteeism. 

- TETA ERP is an integrated IT system supporting the management of internal and external resources and processes in a company or institution. The solution is dedicated to medium and large enterprises from the most important sectors of the economy: trade, services, finance, production and public administration. Supports management in key areas (finance, human resources and payroll, logistics, production and others). The system is multilingual, multi-currency, enables work on many units of measurement and supports holding and multi-branch structures. 


Eastern Poland IT Cluster

The Eastern Poland IT Cluster brings together companies associated with the telecommunications and IT industry in the Podlasie, Warmian-Masurian, Lublin, Świętokrzyskie and Podkarpackie provinces. The organization supports the exchange of experiences and business cooperation within the ITC industry. The main goal of the cluster's activity is to increase the competitiveness of ICT companies and establish cooperation with universities and administrative units.