Infinite Workflow - managing the circulation of e-documents

Improve document flow in your organization

Offers, contracts, reports, reports, statements ... Work is often associated with the transfer of business documents from one employee to another. Dealing with these documents is something that can not be avoided - whether you are an SME or a large corporation, you can improve the speed and reliability of the document.

Infinite Workflow  manages the circulation of tasks related to documents throughout the organization. It allows assigning tasks to users or groups (e.g. document browsing) and systematic monitoring of progress thanks to the built-in notification system. In this way, all data and documents are transferred between users in a timely manner in accordance with the procedures specified by the company. Thanks to the latest security standards and an innovative role mechanism, it is possible to precisely determine the availability of content and permissions for individual users.


of the financial settlement process to several hours
Control of deadlines
for invoicing and payment
Improving the quality
of tasks performed, employee efficiency and resources held
Improving the process
of managing human resources and remuneration in dispersed locations
Ongoing control
of order completion dates, deliveries, etc. - notification and monitoring of delays
Control of decision-making
processes and personnel - who and when performed the operation
and removal of so-called bottlenecks

Using workflow:

  • manage document flow between your employees
  • shape document-related operations using several useful options: team sections, assigning tasks to users or groups, using the shared calendar, tracking changes, sharing resources
  • attach any document from your repository
  • use a set of features to facilitate better communication: a discussion forum to exchange ideas, a calendar with important events, wiki pages, blogs, links to websites, RSS feeds to track document activities
  • use business process versioning to modify processes that are in progress
  • reuse accumulated knowledge: tagging, advanced search engine
  • design your own portal - without any programming knowledge
  • use resources on external portals: image files, video and audio files, any HTML, XML or text file


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