Infinite e-Customer Service - distribution of documents



Proper communication with customers causes that they become loyal and attract more people interested in our products. Therefore, you should choose the right tools that facilitate the distribution of information and documents, and are convenient for customers. One of the solutions in the Infinite offer is e-BOK, which can be integrated with any ERP, CRM or HR / HCM class systems, function as a separate web portal or be part of an already implemented solution or can be integrated with other systems that work in company.

The Infinite EBOK self-service portal is a tool that facilitates communication between the company and clients, which enables:

  • submitting e-applications
  • settlements with detailed information on payments
  • distribution of information from the company's systems (contracts, statements, schedules, insurance)
  • direct contact with Customer Service
  • conducting informational and promotional communication addressed to users of the portal
  • soft debt collection - notifications regarding overdue payments
  • storage and preview of customer documents in the repository (e-drive)
  • sharing general and personalized offers


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