Infinite e-Catalogue

Full product information in one place

Data synchronization in the buyer-supplier relationship

Infinite e-Catalogue means one source of product data in the buyer-supplier relationship. Instead of manually exchanging product update information with each business partner, suppliers can easily update existing data through the e-Catalog portal, so all buyers are immediately informed of these changes. Infinite e-Catalog guarantees timeliness and standardization of master data for both parties.



Easy synchronization of master data

For supplier (producer)
  • reduction of missing goods on shelves
  • much faster product launch
  • reduction of time associated with providing information about goods to customers
  • possibility of automatic data transmission to the e-catalogue
  • elimination of errors in the description of goods
For the recipient (subscriber)
  • inventory reduction
  • reduction of the lack of goods on shelves
  • the ability to introduce new products faster
  • no need to manually enter data about new goods and updating them
  • elimination of errors on invoices related to product descriptions

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