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Infinite SFA is:

support for key business processes implemented by dispersed sales teams.
solution created on the basis of many years of experience of leading distribution and production companies.
architecture enabling adjustment of the functional scope of the application to the business model of your company.
tool constantly developed by a team of experienced specialists.

Infinite SFA is used by:

whose teams of sales representatives from a given area are responsibles for market development, brand building, sales of own products, implementation of promotional activities, development of numerical distribution or monitoring of display standards in the traditional and modern channel.
whose sales representatives are responsible for generating orders from the market or direct sale of goods to recipients, monitoring and debt collection, handling complaints, acquiring new customers and implementing the terms of commercial contracts or loyalty programs.
Service providers
whose advisors or consultants visiting clients in the field are responsible for maintaining a high level of service quality, examining their needs and potential, professional presentation of the company's offer, or closing sales including signing electronic contracts on-site.
Other entities
having employees working in the field, such as interviewers, merchandisers, technical advisors, service technicians, responsible for the implementation and reporting of implemented activities.
system implementations
integrated ERP systems
SaaS implementations


for companies
  • increase in sales due to better use of the potential of the sales team
  • improving the efficiency of the sales department thanks to the automation of business processes
  • standardization of the sales team's structure and business model
  • efficient management of long- and short-term trading purposes
  • quick access to systematized and current knowledge about the market and competition
  • higher quality of business decisions based on reliable data
for managers
  • ongoing comprehensive control of the activities of subordinate employees
  • reliable work efficiency assessment based on KPIs
  • the ability to react quickly to undesirable actions of employees
  • ongoing monitoring of the implementation of received business goals
  • knowledge of the current situation in the served market area
for mobile employees
  • saving private time due to on-going reporting during the working day
  • reduction of manual work by automating repetitive activities
  • comfort of work due to access to necessary materials and information in one application
  • effective use of working time thanks to tools optimizing its planning
  • system support in the implementation of sales activities (multimedia marketing materials, current promotions, monitoring of goals, history of cooperation) elimination of unnecessary "paperwork"

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We care about your success by offering a package of support and integration services

The service guarantees the highest quality of solution operation by removing any failures in accordance with the established service parameters and providing remote updates of new software versions.
The service provides the infrastructure and resources necessary for the proper operation of the system in a secured cloud (implemented in the SaaS variant - Software as a Service) without involving additional resources on the part of the client
Service Desk
The service provides direct support through the hotline and website that supports notifications from system users.
Systems Integration
Service providing electronic data exchange between the Infinite SFA system and customer's IT solutions within the scope agreed during implementation.

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