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Corporate mailroom management is critical to the success of any business. The quality and speed of data interchange are fully dependent on the efficiency of incoming and outgoing documents handling. That is to say, the productivity of corporate mailroom determines the efficiency of business processes. Infinite offers two models of cooperation as far as the management of mailroom is concerned: outsourcing and in-house.

In-house model
– a separate organisational unit is created in the customer’s headquarters. The in-house model presumes two ways of document processing: Digitalising documents and sending their images in the electronic format. Such information as: delivery time, processing and other data essential to decreeing a document is also provided. Selecting an appropriate model supports companies in the process of optimising their mailrooms. The adoption of digital mailroom allows companies to concentrate on the core business as well as offers constant, convenient access to the data needed.
Outsourcing model
–  corporate mailroom management becomes completely outsourced to Infinite. The mailroom is moved from a customer’s headquarters to the off-site location. A customer is provided with the image representation of incoming mail together with information about its delivery, processing and other data essential to decreeing a document.

Choosing the right model allows you to optimize the processes in the office and makes it fulfill its role in an efficient and effective way. It allows you to focus on current issues of the organization and at the same time gives you the opportunity to access important information whenever the situation requires it.

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