Infinite WMS - warehouse management system

Infinite WMS is a professional system for companies that have a warehouse and want to make optimal use of space. The program cooperates and integrates with any ERP system, it can be used in companies of various sizes and scale of operations.

System scalability
Integration with any ERP
The system is based on the latest technology
Ongoing supervision over inventory
Process automation

Benefits obtained after implementing the system:

Shortening the time
of warehouse operations
Maximum use
of storage space
warehousekeepers' mistakes
in inventory costs
Increased productivity
and better organization of work
Definitely faster adaptation
of new employees and lowering the costs of their implementation
Short return
on investment
of warehouse management
Efficient management
of batches and reduction of inventory losses
of employees' working time
Real-time supervision
over inventory
Analysis of the course
of warehouse operations
No paper
The ability to service and settle
multiple contractors
Correct identification
of goods, units of measure and storage locations
An objective assessment and monitoring
of employees

The system can be equipped with modules enabling management and cooperation with devices used in warehouse work, e.g. system trolleys, label printers, measuring devices, scales, etc.

Infinite WMS can also support processes in voice and radio (RFID) communication technology. In addition, it is an important and effective tool in processes requiring integration with CCTV systems.

The use of modern technologies in Infinite WMS allows you to adjust the system functionality depending on the customer's needs.

Selected functionalities of the Infinite WMS system:

Support for many warehouses,
branches and cross-dock
Parameterizing the acceptance
of deliveries
Receipt of shipments
and sending a storage location
Returns accepted
Automation and parameterization
of release orders
Automation of stock replenishment
in picking zones, including rotation and booking of goods
Management and operation
of logistics equipment
Support for video complaint programs
comprehensive and partial
Creating item lists
for internal transfers
Load management
Registration of returnable packaging
transactions and balance management with contractors
System configurations

Infinite WMS is a system fully integrated with Infinite TMS, which enables efficient transport management.

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