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ICT Data Center - Security

In its offer, Infinite also has a so-called "Cyber ​​security". It is a tool used to respond to unwanted incidents that disrupt the company's IT infrastructure. Infinite CS secures the business operations of an organization through comprehensive instruments:


The use of the following elements limits the likelihood of an incident, which translates into increased IT security.


IT security incident
A change which occurs in a functional network or technology services indicating a limitation of mandatory security assistance or a break or broken sample installed protection against cyber threats. The source of information about the incident may be information derived from general data or the user must use symptoms such as e.g. slowdown in the network, change in the content of information displayed in relation to the expected, signs of phishing, etc., data leakage, as well as a security alert from an installed IT system including in the system from the SIEM system.

What if there is a threat in the IT area?
In the event of an incident in the area of ​​network and data security, Infinite CS uses instruments to eliminate the problem:
  • 1. Initial identification and classification of the incident (it's about excluding "false positives" as far as possible at this stage).
  • 2. Preparation of technical staff and users to deal with the escalation of the threat before the technical response to the threat begins.
  • 3. In-depth identification and classification of threats. (Interviews with technical staff / users, event analysis e.g. based on log analysis).
  • 4. Recommendation to limit the effects of the incident and isolate the systems at risk in order to prevent the spread of the threat and the increase of related losses.
  • 5. Identifying the source of the incident and providing recommendations for its removal. Infinite CS does not preclude cooperation with existing systems that support the client's IT security.


ICT Data Center

One of the items in the Infinite ICT service portfolio is the professional Data Center as a modern tool for computerization of the enterprise. The problem for many companies is the construction or modernization of the existing server room, which significantly increases costs in the IT area. Infinite offers its own Data Center (located in Lublin), built based on highly developed architecture (TIER III). Choosing Infinite DC ensures data and application security and stability.


ICT Data Center - Colocation

Infinite Data Center offers an alternative solution targeted at companies that do not want to develop their own IT resources. Our DC is tailored to the needs of clients from various market sectors. Entrepreneurs are often afraid of their data to be placed far from the company's headquarters. Infinite DC focuses on information security, which is a priority for collocation. This solution certainly reduces costs if a company wants to invest in its own data center. It is better to keep them with professionals who specialize in this field.

  • Audits, expertise and advisory services
  • Installation and maintenance of server operating systems
  • Installation and maintenance of network infrastructure elements
  • Policy building and backup
  • Providing space in a professional Data Center
  • Building and implementing the DRC service
  • Sharing virtual resources (Cloud Computing)
  • Comprehensive consulting, design and implementation of projects
  • Remote supervision over key systems 24/7
  • Implementation of emergency scenarios 24/7
Equipment supply
IT assets management
Shopping ICT
CCTV monitoring
ICT Outsourcing - equipment supply
  IT devices used in everyday work Specialized equipment Software
  desktops servers operating systems
  notebooks network devices office
  printers drive arrays anti-virus
  peripherals routers  
  hard drives rack cabinets  


Before establishing cooperation, we define the scope of services in accordance with the needs and expectations of the company so as to optimize business processes without exposing it to unnecessary costs. The goal is mutual cooperation on the IT level, which allows to strengthen business activities. 


As part of the supply of IT equipment, Infinite ICT also offers its customers Digital Signage technology. The solution allows reaching new recipients by displaying content on electronic media. It plays a key role in communication with clients and employees. The modern presentation method enables personalization of content - it is adapted to the characteristics of the recipients, as well as the place and time of publication.


Digital Signage is:

  • central content management
  • work 24/7 days a week
  • WiFi network without structured cabling
  • communication with many recipients at the same time 
    The service includes preparation, management and distribution of content.
    We use Xibo CMS to manage content on monitors.
Infinite ICT Outsourcing - IT assets management

Asset management



Proprietary Hardware Register software enables IT assets and licenses management. Thanks to this, the company can significantly save funds needed for the purchase of e.g. new licenses while those purchased are not used. Using appropriate software, we are able to manage Fixed Assets starting from their entry into the state to assign to the user, and in the final stage, preparation of relevant accounting documents and disposal of the product. This tool allows you to apply changes to the user's hardware assignment and "hook up" to any change in the user acceptance protocol.

Infinite ICT Outsourcing - shopping ICT


We are also one of the suppliers of IT equipment on competitive terms. At the request of our clients, we select the optimal IT equipment that will ensure the continuity of work of a given company. We monitor current tenders from the ICT industry, where we try to actively use our resources.


In addition, we specialize in: 

    • Comprehensive equipment for commercial outlets, warehouses, offices,
    • Monitoring the IT hardware and software market,
    • Organization of tenders.
Infinite ICT Outsourcing - cctv monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

Infinite ICT offers CCTV (Closed Circuit TeleVision) CCTV system, which should be understood as "closed-circuit television". Currently, you can meet other names for CCTV, such as: video monitoring, video surveillance, television surveillance systems. This service is becoming increasingly popular, in particular used by large institutions and enterprises to monitor their facilities and areas, the use of CCTV is also noticeable in large shopping malls, corporations, on the city's main streets, gas stations, train and bus stations and other high-traffic areas. It should also be mentioned that currently the use of video monitoring takes place in private households as well as newly emerging housing estates, where the entire block, together with the adjacent infrastructure, is monitored. Another aspect speaks for the use of the CCTV System - psychological, thanks to constant surveillance of cameras it reduces criminal acts such as vandalism, robberies and thefts.



The main benefits of using CCTV

  • Simultaneous monitoring of many places on the site
  • Remote access to the camera view
  • Improving customer service
  • Prevention of various types of abuse in supervised areas
  • Facilitated event identification
  • Constant surveillance of cameras reduces criminal acts such as vandalism, robbery and theft

Repair and maintenance management system (possibility to audit own devices in the company). The software is intended for large and medium-sized enterprises, equipped with a large amount of equipment that requires constant control and periodic review, including maintenance.

The solution is addressed in particular to persons responsible for maintaining a large number of devices or technical objects in operation, who must know their history of service inspections and repairs, and manage related data (drawings, operating instructions, specifications, etc.).

The Alldevice system is uncomplicated and intuitive, it does not require hours of training

Alldevice is a system created by "engineers for engineers". Uses the many years of experience of industry specialists. It effectively allows you to plan and manage all maintenance and repairs - current and future.

The system focuses on devices. After recognizing the device in the system (by name, serial number, location, etc.), just one click and all the data and history of the device you have on the screen.

Alldevice, quality, reliability and price (!) Effectively competes with other systems with similar functionality.


Alldevice functions and options:

  • Language selection: Polish, English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian
  • Definition of user and group permissions
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Tree structure for the location
  • Unlimited number of locations
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Quick search
  • Possibility of reorganizing devices and locations by drag and drop
  • The ability to copy devices and objects
  • Mapping files to devices (drawings, instructions, etc.)
  • The device card contains all necessary data: technical data, files, completed service works, pending service orders and many more
  • Automatic generation of orders for service reviews
  • Automatic notification of spare parts orders
  • Possibility of placing orders for repair work
  • Scheduled maintenance schedule
  • List of current, future and overdue service orders
  • Reports on completed works
  • Sending orders via email
  • Printouts and export to Excel
  • Calendar of service orders
  • Damage / failure analysis
  • Fault analysis (Pareto principle)
  • Analysis of man-hours allocated for service work


General information:


Alldevice system is sold in two license models:

  • Direct Selling. You install the software on your server. You have the right to free updates for a year. Later you decide if you want to extend the maintenance contract.
  • Solution in the cloud. You get a ready, installed system, Available over the Internet (SaaS). We store your data securely on our servers, we update the software ourselves, we make backup copies, etc.

Translations - The system supports many languages, including: Polish, English, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian.

Hardware requirements (server)

Alldevice can be installed on most Linux web servers.



  • Linux web server
  • MySQL 5.1 database
  • Zen Guard Loader
  • Internet access (only required for license activation and upgrade) or a free USB port for the dongle
  • PHP 5.3 with cURL extensions; imagemagick; cron job

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