Infinite TMS - transport management


Infinite TMS is a complete and modern transport management tool. It is a solution for all companies in which efficient transport is an important element of functioning. The system allows management of all transport orders, ensuring timely delivery, carried out every day to a large and variable group of recipients.


We will adapt Infinite TMS to the needs of your company.



Dynamic route planning

Handling all transport orders 

Monitoring the level of order processing

Integration with digital map and GPS devices

Users work on the same data

All documents are in digital form

The driver using the mobile application

  • always has a current and legible route plan
  • receives all documents in an electronic version
  • he can contact the dispatcher / planner at any time
  • will quickly settle the amount of work done

Planner with Infinite TMS at his disposal

  • quickly plans routes of all transport orders
  • automates routing according to established criteria
  • in unforeseen situations can respond quickly
  • is in constant contact with the driver


Increased customer service quality

Increasing delivery times

Reduction of transport costs by 15-25%

Reduction in mileage of vehicles by up to 15%


Infinite TMS is a system fully integrated with the warehouse management system Infinite WMS, which can work in both superior and subordinate modes.

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