SOT, Spółdzielnia Obrotu Towarowego Przemysłu Mleczarskiego, expands cooperation with Infinite IT Solutions in the area of sales automation. Recently, the implementation of Infinite SFA mobile system was finalized. The mobile system supports sales representatives of SOT all over Poland.

The mobile app is yet another IT solution at SOT, the company from Białystok has been investing in IT solutions for trade automation for years. “SOT follows the strategy of automating its key business processes consistently. The ultimate aim is to boost our turnover and expand our sales all over the country. After the deployment of EDI solution and B2B marketplace by Infinite, we’ve decided to launch the mobile solutions so as to have constant access to up-to-date data from different distribution channels. This way, our business activities are constantly being supported by the integrated ecosystem of IT solutions” – Marcin Jankowski, IT Director at SOT, explains. 

“Before the mobile system was launched at SOT a number of working meetings and pilots were organized so as to optimally adjust the solution to the business model of SOT. In cooperation with SOT, numerous custom solutions were developed for modules responsible for orders, special offers and settlements. In parallel with the app development, our team was working on integration connections so as to launch electronic data interchange across IT solutions used by SOT” – Artur Śpiewak, Director of Sales and Development - Infinite SFA, comments.

Following the implementation of B2B marketplace, Infinite SFA mobile system is yet another IT solution used by SOT to reach and support its business partners. Thanks to electronic data interchange, sales representatives have constant access to orders made by clients on their own, what allows sales representatives to better assess the shopping potential of clients and properly adjust the inventory they offer.

The deployment of Infinite SFA does not bring IT investments at SOT to an end. There are development works underway, which aim at automating the process of defining new special offers centrally from the company’s IT system and processing them via the mobile app. This new feature will allow the distributor to process sales generated by special offers flexibly, what comprises one of the key elements of the competitive advantage for the FCMG players.



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