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How to accelerate sales in the chain store and, simultaneously, build permanent relationship with a customer? How to reduce the empty basket effect? Specialists responsible for sales in the shopping chains tend to ask themselves these questions quite often. Traditional sales methods apparently don’t always pass the test, that is why modern technology for retail trade, such as Infinite Air, comes in handy.

It is not a novelty that customers are not fond of default offers and promotions. Infinite Air allows chain stores to dynamically manage customised promotions – thanks to the microlocalisation feature, the offer can be addressed, for example, exclusively to people in a particular department. Additionally, analytical data gathered in the app facilitates the personalisation of offer. 

The solution developed by Infinite comprehensively supports a customer during the shopping and, at the same time, enables regular interaction. Once a customer is welcomed to the store, the system navigates and leads a Customer through specific departments. This way a customer can faster find the product he/she is looking for, while the store acquires another sales opportunity. Infinite Air presents also real-time prices and product descriptions. Moreover, the system depicts current information about new stands, exhibitions or special offers, what reduces to an absolute minimum the possibility that a customer leaves the store with an empty basket. Microlocalisation is useful also when one forgets where a car is parked, because the app helps to find the parking space.     

Microlocalisation applied in Infinite Air is a breakthrough in terms of sales processes in the chain stores. Knowledge of a customer’s location and one’s shopping habits is a tangible chance to develop sales in the bricks-and-mortar stores.   




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