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Signature on devices with a biometric layer is now a reality. Currently, most documents can be signed in this way. This solution combines new technologies and our habits. The signature is still handwritten like on paper, but we don't have to print anything, and the signed document goes to the indicated place within a few seconds.

  Such a signature is very secure because it can’t be forged. In addition to the signature image that everyone can see, the device saves biometric features such as typing speed, pressure, coordinates. These additional parameters are saved and attached to the document as metadata. The signature can’t be copied, it must be re-submitted on each document.

The high level of security and ease of implementation of this solution mean, that more and more companies and institutions are deciding to launch e-Signature on a tablet.

One of the last implementations took place for the Ministry of Health. The ministers who meet with hospital directors and sign contracts no longer have to bring huge document briefcase with them. All necessary documents can be downloaded to a tablet and signed in an electronic version

- explains Andrzej Mioduski from Infinite IT Solutions.

 The implementation of this solution is very quick, even within one day of signing the contract you can use tablets to sign documents in this way. A contract is displayed on the tablet with the option of supplementing the necessary data and after signing, the secured document is sent to the e-Archive or to the e-mail address provided.

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